Club Ride electronic gift cards are here!

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Report your commute!

Whether you’re already a Club Ride member, or were just looking for a good reason to participate, now is the time to start reporting your commutes!

If you carpool, walk, cycle, take transit or even telecommute, you are eligible for monthly prizes just for reporting one weekly commute that doesn’t include driving alone.

Get more prizes!

And beginning this month, we are transitioning to digital gift cards, which means winners will be able to choose from a bigger selection of prizes that will quickly and securely be delivered to the email you used to create your account.

Begin today!

All you have to do is check your profile or register at and make sure we have the best email to let you know you’re a winner.

If you win, you’ll get your prize quickly, and won’t have to worry about lost or stolen gift cards.

Learn More!

Club Ride is a FREE commuter services program of the RTC. Learn how you can win prizes and save money for your commute to work or college. For more information on the program visit Green commuting for Club Ride includes: walk, bike, motorcycle, carpool, bus, a compressed schedule, and working from home (telework).

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