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Commuter Services

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Commute Choices

By carpooling, two or more people share a ride, and possibly driving responsibilities. It’s a great way to cut your commute costs in half and take some of the stress out of your ride to work. Here are some good reasons to give carpooling a try. Carpooling:

  • Reduces driving expenses
  • Reduces wear and tear on vehicles
  • Helps improve air quality by taking more cars off the road
  • Reduces commuting stress
  • Saves time, when you can use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on U.S. 95

If you’re new to carpooling, take a look at our “carpool rules.”

A vanpool is a group of seven to 15 people who commute in a minivan or passenger van. Vanpools generally work best – and provide the greatest savings – for groups that have commutes of at least 20 miles each way. The vehicle can be provided by a company that specializes in vanpooling, the employer or an employee. Vanpooling has become an increasingly popular alternate commute because of its many benefits.

  • Reduces wear and tear and driving costs
  • Helps reduce air pollution by reducing number of vehicles on our roadways
  • Provides more free time for riders
  • Reduces commuting stress
  • Allows riders to share the responsibility of driving
  • Saves time, when you can use the HOV lanes

Transit provides convenient service for a great price, plus it’s one of the best ways to remove vehicles – and the resulting emissions – from our roads! The RTC’s transit system features nearly 36 transit routes that cover 266 square miles of the valley. If your employer is a Club Ride partner, you may even be eligible for discounted passes through the EZ Rider Transit Pass program. Transit also:

  • Costs significantly less than driving alone
  • Reduces wear and tear on vehicles
  • Provides more free time
  • Reduces commuting stress
  • Allows you to carry your bicycle to finish your trip
  • Helps improve air quality by taking more cars off the road

And if you need help planning your transit trip, RTC/Google Transit Trip Planner will map out your route and estimate your trip time.

Want to get healthy while you get to work? More and more Southern Nevada residents are choosing to bicycle to work. Some of the reasons why it pays to pedal:

  • Provides a very low-cost commute
  • Reduces wear and tear and driving costs
  • Eliminates hassle and cost of parking a car
  • Offers flexibility – matches any schedule
  • Emits no air pollution
  • Reduces commuting stress
  • Provides great exercise

Bicycling to work is getting even easier with the growing number of bicycle lanes and dedicated cycle paths throughout the valley. Currently, there are approximately 81 miles of bicycle routes, 160 miles of cycle lanes and 71 miles of bike paths, with many more proposed for the future.

Bicycling with Transit
All buses serving the Las Vegas Valley are equipped with bicycle racks on the front, making it even easier to combine commuting modes. Each rack on the transit vehicle can accommodate up to two bicycles and some of the newer vehicles can carry three. There is no additional cost to bring your bike along for the ride.

Safety Reminder
Always remember to obey the rules of the roads. Be visible when riding your bicycle at night and do not forget to wear your helmet whenever you ride.

Bicycling Links
Visit Bicycle Nevada for links to a variety of bicycling sites.

If you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of work, lace up those tennis shoes. Let us convince you:

  • It’s absolutely free
  • Reduces driving expenses and wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Eliminates hassle and cost of parking a car
  • Helps improve air quality by taking another car off the road
  • Reduces commuting stress
  • Offers flexibility – matches any schedule
  • Provides a reliable commute alternative
  • Provides great exercise

Safety Reminder
Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and take caution on days of extreme weather. Don’t overdo it at first, and give yourself extra time when you start.

Whether it’s a scooter, a cruiser or a three-wheeler, all qualify as an alternative commute choice that help reduce roadway congestion and can help save you money on gas and insurance. Just remember these tips to keep your commute fun and safe:

  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Always wear protective clothing
  • Don’t forget to wear a helmet
  • Consider leaving the bike at home on windy days

If you telecommute to work regularly or occasionally, you can report this as an alternative commute with Club Ride.  Your telecommuting location (for example, your home address if you are working from home) AND your employer must both be located in Clark County to be eligible. Telecommuting has many benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased stress
  • Cost savings for employer and employee
  • Emissions and traffic congestion reductions

A study by the Consumer Electronics Association found that telecommuting saves enough energy every year to power more than one million homes in the United States!

You can report your telecommute with the mobile app, Club Ride Rewards, on our website (just click “Report Your Commute”), or by calling us at 702.228.7433 (option 5).

A compressed work week is an alternative work arrangement where a standard work week is reduced to fewer than five days and employees make up the full number of hours per week by working longer hours. The most common options for a compressed work week are:

  • Four 10-hour days
  • Three 12-hour days
  • A week of five 9-hour days followed by a week of four 9-hour days

If your employer permits this type of alternative schedule, you can report your day or days off with Club Ride as an alternative commute!  For example, if you work Monday – Thursday, 10 hours each day, then Friday is considered a compressed work week day off.  If you work  Sunday – Tuesday, 12 hours each day, then Wednesday and Thursday are considered compressed work week days off. Only the day or days off that you would have worked on a traditional schedule are eligible for reporting as an alternative commute.  You can report your compressed work week day off on the commute calendar online or by using the Club Ride Rewards mobile app.

Learn More about compressed work week reporting

Guaranteed Ride Home

Interested in Club Ride but nervous about being stranded at work with no car? Don’t be. Our Guaranteed Ride Home program will get you where you need to go if an emergency happens. If you regularly carpool, take transit, vanpool, bicycle, or walk to work and an emergency happens, Club Ride will pay to get you back home, to your car, to a hospital, or to your child’s school. You can take a taxi, use public transportation, rent a car (if the destination is more than 30 miles away and you are at least 25 years old with a driver’s license), or ask a co-worker to drive you.

Who can use it

This is a free benefit to Club Ride’s participants as long as your employer is a member (students aren’t eligible).

What’s an emergency?

  • Personal illness or medical emergency
  • Unexpected illness or medical emergency of an immediate family member
  • Your supervisor requires you to work unscheduled overtime
  • Your carpool or vanpool driver has an emergency or has to work unexpected overtime
  • NOT an emergency: personal errands, planned appointments or meetings, on-the-job injury, weather-related events, transportation system delays, building closings, voluntary overtime, or job termination

How to get reimbursed: Club Ride will reimburse you for the cost with a receipt (and reimburse your co-worker for the mileage as long as you document it). The transportation coordinator at your company will give you a trip summary form to complete. Each calendar year, you’re allowed to take advantage of the Guaranteed Ride Home program five times. Tips for the taxi ride are not reimbursable and, if you use a rental car, the reimbursement will be for a standard one-day fare and refueling (with receipts).  Reimbursement for Guaranteed Ride Home is limited to a maximum of $75.00 per ride.

For more information, speak to your transportation coordinator (your Human Resources department can tell you who that is) or call Club Ride at 702-228-RIDE (7433).

Free Ride Matching

Club Ride offers a free matching service for carpoolers. Just register for the service and you’ll receive a list of people with a similar schedule and route as you. To get started, log in to Club Ride, update your profile with your home address, office location, and when you typically commute. Then view your match list and call or email the commuters on it to set up carpool arrangements.

Haven’t logged in before? If you’re an existing Club Ride member with a registered email address, select retrieve your password to start using the web services. If you aren’t sure what your registered email address is, call 702-228-RIDE (7433) for help.

Park & Ride Lots

If you are looking for a place to meet your carpool partners or a place to park your car and catch the bus to work, there are multiple Park & Ride options to choose from in the Valley. Parking at these lots is FREE of charge and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

View RTC Park & Ride Locations in a larger map.

There are two kinds of Park & Ride options:

  1. RTC-Operated Park & Rides
    These lots are available to carpoolers and transit riders.
  2. Retail Partner Park & Rides
    The RTC partners with retail locations throughout the Valley to offer additional Park & Ride options that may be more convenient to commuters’ homes. These retail sites have “donated” a certain number of parking spots within the lot that have been marked with RTC Park & Ride signage.

To find a Park & Ride lot close to you, log into the Club Ride site and select the option for Park & Ride Match. Check back often as we are currently adding more lots.

Regardless of which RTC Park and Ride Lot you choose, it is a good idea to register your vehicle with us if you plan to park there for more than just the day. You can do so by clicking here to download the Vehicle Information Form. Simply fill this out and present it to the security officer on-site at the park and ride lot. Please note that this form is also available on-site. If you plan to leave your vehicle for more than 14 days, please call (702) 676-1849 in advance to notify us of this extended parking request.

Learn more about RTC Transit or let Club Ride help you find a carpool partner. There are thousands of commuters in our ride matching database – many of whom might live and work in the same area as you!

Retail Partner Park & Rides: Retail parking lots with some parking spots reserved for Club Ride Park & Ride participants.

  • Desert Inn/Durango (the northeast corner, across from Desert Breeze Park): 20 parking spaces
  • Eastern/Windmill (southwest of the intersection at the ViewPointe Executive Suites business center): 5 parking spaces
  • Eldorado Casino, 140 S. Water Street in Henderson (Water Street and Atlantic): 26 parking spaces and access to the Henderson & Downtown Express
  • Suncoast Casino, 9090 Alta Drive (in the Summerlin area at the intersection of Rampart and Alta Drive)
  • CSN Henderson Campus, College Drive in Henderson: 4 parking spaces and access to the Henderson & Downtown Express
  • Nevada State College, 1125 Nevada State Drive in Henderson (south end of the lot): 4 parking spaces and access to the Henderson & Downtown Express.
  • Fiesta Henderson, 777 W. Lake Mead Parkway in Henderson; 12 parking spaces and access to HDX

Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ for Commuters or Preguntas Frecuentes Viajeros

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