Request Public Records

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Request Public Records

Please click on the link below to access the RTC Public Records Request Form if you are interested in acquiring a RTC public document.

Step 1
Download the file. Public Records Request Form (400 KB)

Step 2
Carefully follow the instructions provided in the PDF to complete the form.

Step 3
E-mail the completed form to [email protected] or fax to (702) 676-1995.

Step 4
Once the request has been submitted, you will be contacted by an RTC representative to process your application. The fees associated with copying RTC public records and documents are below:
NRS 239.052 Notice (70 KB)
In consideration of sustainability, documents which can successfully be e-mailed or faxed will continue to be provided at no charge.

¿Hablas español?

Please call (702) 228-7433 (Ride) to request the RTC printed materials in Spanish or an alternative form.

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