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The RiSE program is designed to help connect Nevada’s small and diverse businesses to all RTC-funded transportation contracting opportunities. 

In that effort, the RTC’s goal is to award 8% of construction and 2% of professional services contracts to local small business (LSB) and/or local diverse business (LDB) firms on all RTC-funded projects.

RiSE will

  • Help promote economic opportunities for LSBs and LDBs
  • Help LSBs and LDBs become more competitive in the bidding process
  • Provide technical assistance to all certified firms
  • Publicize certified firms through the online directory
Top 10 Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being RISE certified mean for my company?2020-08-25T15:49:45-07:00

A published list of certified companies will be shared with contractors and jurisdictions, making it easier for them to find RISE certified companies ready, willing and able to work on Southern Nevada infrastructure projects. Additionally, RISE certified firms will receive notifications of education, outreach and networking
opportunities as part of this program.

What documents are accepted to validate local business residency for the last three (3) years?2020-08-25T15:48:50-07:00

A contractors license and/or local jurisdiction business license with a Clark County, NV address.

How often will I have to re-certify?2020-08-25T15:47:23-07:00

Re-certification is required every three years.

What opportunities are available to help me engage with contractors and jurisdictions interested in using RISE certified businesses?2020-08-25T15:46:30-07:00

The RTC and its community partners will help connect certified businesses with contractors and jurisdictions through procurement channels, solicitation meetings, bid invitations and networking events.

Will the status on the goal be communicated publicly to keep the local small and diverse community aware of progress?2020-08-25T15:44:41-07:00

Updates on the RISE business participation goal will be reported bi-annually to keep the community, jurisdictions, board members and contractors current on program progress.

Will contractors be required to use RISE certified businesses on Southern Nevada infrastructure projects?2020-08-25T15:44:00-07:00

Currently, the RISE certified business participation goal for professional services is 2 percent, and for construction projects the goal is 8 percent. The goal applies to
RTC funded projects.

Is there a program expert available to walk me through the process?2020-08-25T15:39:26-07:00

Yes! Call 702-676-1507 or email RISE@rtcsnv.com and we are happy to walk you through the process.

How long will it take to complete the application including the certification process?2020-08-25T15:36:38-07:00

The application process has been streamlined and can be completed in minimal time. Certification review will be accomplished promptly.

How do I let contractors and jurisdictions know I am certified?2020-08-25T15:35:26-07:00

Once certified your company will receive a RISE certificate and will be listed in the RISE database accessible to contractors and jurisdictions.

Will there be a published listing of RISE local small and diverse certified businesses for contractors and jurisdictions to access?2020-08-25T15:33:27-07:00

Yes. A database of certified firms will be accessible on-line.

If my firm is currently registered as a Local Small Business (LSB), do I still need to certify for the RISE Local Small & Diverse Business program?2020-08-25T15:32:57-07:00

Yes, all qualified businesses are required to submit an application for certification.

Small Business Top 10 Tips

  1. Get RiSE Certified
  2. Register on Nevada Government eMarketplace (NGEM ngemnv.com)
  3. Be prepared with a capabilities statement
  4. Find your niche or specialty and pursue that work
  5.  Research your industry, know your customer and look for partnering
  6. Familiarize yourself with the solicitation documents, scope of
    work/services and specifications to ensure you can meet the
  7. Maintain active certifications, insurance, contractor’s and business
  8. Take advantage of pre-solicitation meetings
  9. Know your capacity – stay in your lane
  10. Network, Network, Network

FOR MORE INFORMATION, email us at RISE@rtcsnv.com

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