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Ride On CCSD!

Relax, read, listen to music or catch up on homework and leave the driving to the experts!

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and the Clark County School District (CCSD) are collaborating to launch the RTC Ride On program, providing select high school students with an option to ride RTC transit to and from school, FREE of charge to the student.

Utilizing residential routes and RTC-OnDemand service, select students will have a safe and reliable alternative to get to and from school, afterschool activities, weekend events and more!


Students are eligible to opt into the RTC Ride On program, provided they are first eligible for CCSD transportation services. Students must live more than 2.0 miles from their zoned school, as per school district regulation 3530.  To verify eligibility and enroll in the program, students must sign up below or in your school’s main office.

Upon verification of eligibility, students will be issued an electronic semester bus pass via email for alternative busing services through the RTC. Students that do not have access to email or a mobile phone, paper passes may be provided upon request through your school’s administrators.

Once the semester pass expires, the RTC will issue a new semester pass for the remainder of the school year.

School’s eligible for RTC service include:

RTC-OnDemand Service: 
These students will schedule and book their ride via our RTC-OnDemand app and be picked up and dropped off from a designated stop near their home or at Desert Oasis or Liberty High School.

Liberty HS Desert Oasis HS  

Residential Route Service:
These students will take our traditional bus service and be picked up and dropped off at the closest transit stop from their house and their school. 

Basic High School Clark High School Las Vegas High School Sunrise Mountain High School
Bonanza High School Del Sol High School Legacy High School Valley High School
Chaparral High School Durango High School Mojave High School Western High School
Cheyenne High School Foothill High School Shadow Ridge High School  

How to Ride

Residential Fixed Routes

  • Download the rideRTC App 
  • Activate your pass before boarding the bus – All passes are delivered to your mobile wallet on your smartphone within the app. You must activate your pass before boarding and show the pass on your smartphone to the bus driver or fare enforcement officer when required. Use it to ride any route.
  • Plan your trip – Plan your next trip using transit with detailed step-by-step information.
  • Find your bus – Get arrival information for routes and stops near you and where you want to go. 



  1. Download the rideRTC App to activate your CCSD pass.
  2. Download the RTC-OnDemand App to easily request and track your ride. 
  3. Create an account.
  4. Select your passenger type (Reduced Fare).
  5. Select your pick-up and drop-off points.
  6. Enter your pick-up time and date. 
  7. Provide additional travel information in the Add Special Instructions section (if applicable).
  8. Arrive at your RT-OnDemand pick-up point fire minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time, the RTC-OnDemand vehicle will only wait two minutes. 


Cancellation/No Show Equal Opportunity Booking Program

When students cancel or no show their booked trips, it has a negative impact for all RTC OnDemand riders. When a trip is booked, that seat is reserved in the system. This means no other passengers are able to book during that time. To ensure that there is availability for as many riders as possible, we use the Equal Opportunity Booking program to manage cancellations and no shows by all our riders.

A passenger’s account is placed into the Equal Opportunity Booking (EOB) program when the number of late cancellations and/or no shows exceeds 10 within a 30 day period. The account will initially be limited for seven (7) days. During this period, passengers will only be able to book up to 2 days in advance and will be limited to no more than 4 trips at a time.

Late Cancellation is the result of cancelling a booking 30 minutes or less before the estimated pick up time. A No Show is a result of not being on the bus within 2 minute after its arrival. 

Plan Your Trip

Below is a list of all the schools within the fixed route transit area. Click on any one of the schools below to see a map of the covered area.

Basic HS Desert Oasis HS Mojave HS
Bonanza HS Durango HS Shadow Ridge HS
Chaparral HS  Foothill HS Spring Valley HS
Cheyenne HS Green Valley HS Sunrise Mountain HS
Cimarron HS Las Vegas HS Valley HS
Clark HS Legacy HS Western HS
Del Sol HS    


How much will this cost students and families?2021-09-19T16:45:07-07:00

This service is FREE to qualified CCSD high school students


What safety measures are in place for students?2021-09-19T16:46:20-07:00
  • All of our buses have a new, high-resolution camera system that includes more than 12 cameras on every bus and a live look-in feature, allowing us and law enforcement to see what is happening on a bus in real time
  • We have more than 200 officers who patrol our stops, shelters, buses and transit centers
  • We have a 24/7 security command center
  • Officers are equipped with body cameras and bullet-proof vests
  • Officers are outfitted with location beacons, so we can send the nearest guards to any reported incidents immediately
  • TRANSIT WATCH – You can report suspicious behavior, unusual situations or safety concerns through the rideRTC app. Just click on the Transit Watch banner on the app’s home screen
Will COVID-19 measures still be enforced?2021-09-19T16:47:10-07:00

As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, the RTC will continue to implement health and safety protocols, including maintaining the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) face covering requirement while traveling on buses or waiting at transit facilities; increased cleaning of our buses and our facilities; contactless payment options; ion air cleaners; micro-bacterial seat shields; and live, up-to-the-minute bus crowding information.

How will this program help support the CCSD driver shortage?2021-09-19T16:48:20-07:00

This option could relieve the transportation burden on both parents and students, as well as reduce travel time to school and other destinations throughout the RTC transit system free of charge.

Will you be offering training to students who want to utilize this service?2021-09-19T16:49:34-07:00

Yes, the RTC will be going into schools to help educate students on how to plan trips, ride the bus and more.

As a parent, if my child is approached or confronted by a suspicious person, what should we do?2021-10-05T15:48:37-07:00
  • Students should inform the RTC driver immediately and additional assistance will be given. 
  • RTC buses are equipped with camera systems that are monitored by internal security personnel. In the event an immediate threat is reported, security staff are notified as well as the proper authorities, including CCSD staff.
What if a bus pass is lost or stolen?2021-09-19T16:53:08-07:00

It is highly encouraged for all students to utilize the rideRTC app or the RTC-OnDemand app, which allows for loading of a bus pass electronically. Passes can be deactivated and then reinstated without any additional costs to the district.

If we are not eligible for CCSD Transportation service, and we purchase an RTC bus pass, can we get reimbursed?2021-09-19T16:54:55-07:00

Unfortunately, only students who are eligible for standard CCSD Transportation bus service are able to receive an RTC bus pass for this program.

Is the RTC bus pass limited to just use to and from school?2021-09-19T16:56:05-07:00

The exciting news about this program is that the RTC bus pass can be used anytime for any routes throughout the Las Vegas valley, seven days a week.

Will an absence or tardy be excused for the RTC bus running late?2021-09-19T16:58:45-07:00

RTC and Transportation Department staff will review communication methods in an effort to ensure students are excused where unforeseen circumstances occur

Lost & Found

If you left an item on an RTC bus, please contact a representative at

Need assistance?

  • Ride On Customer Service:
  • CCSD Transportation Call Center:

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