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Learn About Roadway Funding

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What Is Roadway Funding?

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Roadway funding makes it possible for the RTC and its member agencies (City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson, City of Mesquite, City of Boulder City and Unincorporated Clark County) to move forward with the planning and creation of transportation projects that benefit millions of Southern Nevada residents and visitors. These projects create jobs, put small businesses to work and improve the local economy.

Three main sources of funding come from Fuel Revenue Indexing (FRI), Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (MVFT) and sales tax collected in Clark County is used to fund roadway projects.  

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Funding Sources

motor vehicle fuel tax

Nine cents of every gallon of gasoline purchased in Clark County is used to fund roadway projects.

Fuel Revenue Indexing

An additional funding program approved by voters to tie motor vehicle fuel tax (MVFT) to inflation. The initial three year program took place from 2014-2016 with a 10-year extension currently in place through 2026.

Sales Tax

A portion of sales tax collected in Clark County is used to fund roadway projects.


For more information on how roadway funds are allocated and utilized, please visit our Budget and Financial Statements page. 

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

(As of July 13, 2023) 

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Since 2014:

  • 98 local small businesses have been put to work
  • Over $2.5 billion has been awarded in roadway projects
  • Approximately 16,020 jobs have been created. (direct, indirect and induced)
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Note: Data associated with jobs, projects and bonding revenues could change pending variables that impact the economic environment, including: ten-year rolling average of the PPI (Producer Price Index), interest rates, fuel consumption, etc. 

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