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RTC Funded Roadway Projects
RTC Funded Roadway Projects2022-06-09T15:29:46-07:00

Roadway Project Listing Search Tool

Ann Road overpassLook up past, current and future RTC-funded roadway projects from local governments throughout Southern Nevada. Search and sort by project name, owner, status and funding type to find what you’re looking for.

How to use the project search tool:

  • Filter – It’s never been easier to locate roadway projects. Click the dropdown menu at the top of each column to search by entity, status or funding source.
  • Search – Looking for a specific roadway project? Use the search engine field at the top of the tool to enter keywords of the project you’re looking for.

Commonly Used Terms

  • Advertise – Project has advertised publicly for construction bids but agency has not yet issued a notice to proceed. Potential for construction in three months.*
  • Construction – Agency has issued a notice to proceed, but it is not yet substantially complete.
  • Design – Project has started design, but agency hasn’t yet requested funding for construction.
  • Design Complete – Project design is complete and has construction funds in another project.
  • Soon to Advertise – Project has requested construction funds, but the agency has not yet advertised the project. Potential for construction in six months.*
  • To Close – Project is substantially complete, but the financials not audited and interlocal contracts are open.

Disclaimer: Advertising dates are subject to change. Please contact the administrating agency for the most up to date information.

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