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Streets and Highways

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) Streets and Highways (S&H) department is a division of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  S&H is the department responsible for the day-to-day administration of the funds collected locally through Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax and Sales Tax  (including Fuel Revenue Indexing).  We work with our Member Agencies (City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson, City of Mesquite, City of Boulder City and Unincorporated Clark County) to administer funds for the  design, construction, and maintenance of the surface transportation system.

The RTC concentrates its efforts on regional roadways that service higher numbers of vehicle trips and roads that provide connectivity between jurisdictions and across major geographic barriers as shown on the Regional Master Plan of Streets and Highways. Roadways that carry less traffic and neighborhood roads are not a part of the RTC’s Streets and Highways program.

During calendar year 2019, S&H paid over 1,600 invoices totaling over $140 million in reimbursements to our Member Agencies or direct payments to contractors and consultants.  We originated 93 interlocal contracts with our Member Agencies for new projects and closed out 71 contracts.  The value of new and closed projects totaled over $113 million and $226 million, respectively.  In addition to its administration function, S&H also facilitates three public committee meetings:

  1. Executive Advisory Committee
  2. Specifications Subcommittee
  3. Operations Subcommittee

S&H plays a key role in the development and delivery of critical roadway, trail, and safety projects that enhance mobility for over 2,000,000 residents and over 43,000,000 visitors per year.

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