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Order Paratransit Passes Online

Customers can purchase passes and coupon books online using the new Paratransit Purchase Web Portal with a credit or debit card. Click here to sign-up!

Currently, coupon books ordered online are delivered through USPS mail and sent to the address provided by the purchaser. The RTC is not responsible for the delivery of passes purchased online once they are postmarked and become the responsibility of the USPS. Online orders are processed upon purchase and the RTC assumes no liability in an order’s shipping and receiving. Passes are non-refundable. Children five years of age and younger ride free and must be accompanied by an adult.

One Way Coupon Books 22/46 Single-Ride Passes
$3 (Base Cash Fare) $12 (4 Rides) $40 (22 Rides)
  $30 (10 Rides) $80 (46 Rides)
How to buy: How to buy: How to buy:
On-board vehicles Online In-person at the RTC Administration Building
    By mail (see details below)

The following passes are available for purchase online: Paratransit Fares:

Abbreviations Used

EB – Eastbound
FS – Farside (Past the intersection)
LVB – Las Vegas Blvd.
NB – Northbound
NS – Nearside (Before the Intersection)
SB – Southbound
WB – Westbound

RTC Paratransit Bus

New Paratransit Payment Portal
Purchase your Paratransit pass online and get instant updates to your account.

No Show Policy
If a customer fails to cancel a trip or board the vehicle within the allotted time frame, they may incur penalty points.

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Paratransit Customer Service
OR TDD 702-676-1834
Mon. – Sun.: 7 am – 6 pm

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Paratransit Call Before You Move

Call Before You Move
Ensure all pick-up and drop-off locations are within the Paratransit service area in order to continue to receive Paratransit service.

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