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What is the RTC Policy Regarding Complementary Paratransit Service for Visitors?2019-06-03T10:48:26-07:00

The RTC will treat as eligible for complementary paratransit service all visitors who present documentation that they have paratransit eligibility in the jurisdiction in which they reside. This can be accomplished in advance of arrival by requesting confirmation of paratransit eligibility be sent to the RTC either by mail, fax or e-mail. If the visitor is requesting to register in advance of their arrival and they are not certified for Paratransit with another transit agency then we will request that the visitor provide documentation of disability by mail, fax or e-mail. If the visitor appears in person to request visitor status and they are unable to present documentation of paratransit eligibility, we may require proof of residence and if their disability is not apparent the RTC will ask the visitor to sign a certification document that states that they are unable to use fixed route transit.

What is the Unattended Customer Policy?2019-06-03T10:48:48-07:00