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Our Report Card

The RTC’s vision is to provide a safe, accessible, and efficient regional transportation network that enhances the quality of life for Southern Nevada’s residents and visitors. Transit is an important component of this vision, as it helps to reduce traffic congestion, while providing access for customers to get to work, school, home and social activities. Below are annual highlights of the transit service as it pertains to Fiscal Year 2023 ( July 2022 – June 2023).

Traditional Bus Service (Fixed Route)

According to the 2021 National Transit Database, the RTC is ranked #21 out of 3,022 transit agencies in the amount of operating costs recouped through fare revenues (Fare Recovery Ratio) and has the lowest operating cost per passenger for bus-mode only systems. Below are annual highlights of the service. While the RTC submits annual financial data to the NTD before October 31 of each year, it takes another 12-15 months for the NTD to validate, compile and publish all public transit agency reports.


Bus Routes

During FY 2023, there was 1 Strip route (Deuce) and 38 residential routes.



Passenger Trips

The FY 2023 49,590,971 total ridership, was comprised of 5,754,225 riders on the Strip (Deuce) and 43,836,746 residential riders (all other routes).



Bikes Transported

476,675 bicycles were along for the ride during FY 2023.



Riders with Wheelchairs

During FY 2023, 294,559 passenger trips consisted of riders using a wheelchair or similar mobility device.



Revenue Miles Driven

There were 21,484,038 revenue miles driven in FY 2023, which does not include miles to get from the bus yard to the route and back.



Hours Driven

Drivers spent 1,666,452 service hours on the road in FY 2023, which does not include the time it takes to get from the bus yard to the route and back.



404 buses made up the fixed route fleet in FY 2023


On-Time Performance

The average on-time performance for FY 2023 was 78.6%.



Bus Stops

There were 3,698 bus stops in our fixed route system at the end of FY 2023. 1,604 of those stops have one or more shelters.

Combined Ridership

Riders With Bikes

Riders With Wheelchairs

Miles Traveled

On Time Performance

Total Service Hours


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