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RTC-OnDemand Connects!

A new public transportation service has arrived!

Need a ride? Our new on-demand ride-share pilot expands connectivity for residents in West Henderson and the southwest valley. RTC-OnDemand will pick you up from your doorstep and connect you to transit stops and other popular destinations, such as medical facilities, grocery stores and more. RTC-OnDemand links passengers to destinations within the OnDemand Zone. A short walk to a customer’s final destination may be required.

Customers can also travel to a location outside of the OnDemand zone by transferring to fixed-route transit at the edge of the service area, while paratransit passengers can access door-to-door service throughout the broader RTC service area. 

Schedule your ride up to seven days in advance, or get same-day service, within 30 minutes.

RTC-OnDemand can seat up to 12 passengers per vehicle and runs from 4 a.m. to 1:45 a.m. daily.

The vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi, bike racks and are ADA-friendly to accommodate our wheelchair passengers.

Flexible, convenient and affordable.


RTC OnDemand

Book your ride | 3 easy options


1.Download the RTC-OnDemand App

Download on IOS
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RTC-OnDemand App

2. Book Online at book.rtcondemand.rideco.com


3. Call 702-676-1801

Service Area

View the green shaded area to explore the RTC-OnDemand service area.  For transit customers who wish to travel outside the RTC-OnDemand zone, a bus transfer will be required. Paratransit customers do not need to transfer and can travel throughout the RTC service area. 


To Book on the RTC-OnDemand App:

  1. Create an account
  2. Select your pick-up and drop-off points
  3. Enter your pick-up time, gate code (if applicable) and the number of passengers accompanying you
  4. Provide additional travel information so we can accommodate you:

Once your ride is booked:

  • Arrive at your RTC-OnDemand pick-up point five minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time
  • Mask up! Please be prepared to wear a face covering at all times
  • Pay your fare or show proof of payment
  • Enjoy your ride!

Payment Options

RTC-OnDemand customers can book rides starting at $2.

  • Current RTC Transit customers can pay with credit cards using the RTC-OnDemand app, rideRTC app, or cash.
  • Paratransit customers can use credit cards using the RTC-OnDemand app, 46/22 ride pass, cash or coupon when your vehicle arrives.

Paratransit Informational Videos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I learn more about RTC-OnDemand and other RTC services?2021-08-18T17:52:39-07:00

To learn more about RTC-OnDemand, download the RTC-OnDemand app or visit www.rtcsnv.com.  Follow @RTCSNV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can RTC-OnDemand be used to travel to McCarran Airport?2021-08-18T17:51:23-07:00

Yes.  For Transit riders, a bus transfer will be required. Examples include:

  • Use RTC-OnDemand to access Route 122, then transfer to Route 109 at South Strip Transit Terminal (SSTT).
  • Use RTC-OnDemand to access Route 221, then transfer to Route 117 near South Point, then to Route 109 at SSTT.
Can I use RTC-OnDemand to travel to the Las Vegas Strip?2021-08-18T17:50:52-07:00

Yes, RTC-OnDemand can be used to connect with the Fixed-Route network to access the Las Vegas Strip.  Examples include:

  • Use RTC-OnDemand to access Route 122, then transfer to the Deuce on the Strip at South Strip Transit Terminal (SSTT)
  • Use RTC-OnDemand to access Route 103, then transfer to Routes 201, 202, or 203 at Tropicana, Flamingo, or Spring Mtn., respectively.
  • Use RTC-OnDemand to access Route 221, then transfer to Route 117 near South Point, then to the Deuce on the Strip at SSTT.
Do I have to wear a seat belt?2021-11-09T14:47:48-08:00

Seatbelts are recommended for passengers on vehicles and the driver will assist with fastening if requested.

What is the policy related to children?2021-08-18T17:49:36-07:00
  • Children under six years old must be accompanied by a responsible party.
  • Children under six years old or who weigh less than 60 pounds must be secured in an approved child safety seat provided by the customer.
  • For safety reasons, children capable of sitting on their own must sit in a seat and not on an adult’s lap.
  • When reserving your ride, please ensure that you reserve a seat for your child.
  • Strollers must be collapsed to fit between the seat and the customer. Non-collapsible strollers are prohibited.
How do I change my pick-up or drop-off location?2021-08-18T17:49:01-07:00

To change your location, you will need to cancel your ride and rebook. 

How many people can ride with me?2021-08-18T17:48:29-07:00

There is no limit to the number of people that can travel with you however space is limited to a maximum of twelve passengers per vehicle.  Fares are per passenger. 

Can I ride with a bike?2021-08-18T17:47:47-07:00

Each RTC-OnDemand vehicle accommodates up to three bikes. If you are traveling with a bike, when scheduling your ride you must schedule your passenger type as “Passenger with Bike

Do drivers undergo a background check?2021-08-18T17:47:11-07:00

Background checks shall be in accordance with applicable Federal and State law, and shall include the use of a licensed background check vendor to carry out criminal background checks and personal credit history reviews (as applicable). Criminal background checks conducted by the Contractor must include arrest and conviction records (county, state, and nationwide) for all jurisdictions in which the applicant has resided in the previous ten years.

Can I ride with my animal?2021-08-18T17:46:34-07:00

Service animals are welcome and ride free of charge.  Service animals must sit on the floor or on the passenger’s lap. They may not occupy a passenger seat. Pets must be in a secure cage and held by or placed at the feet of the passenger.  The RTC does not allow for the transport of ill or deceased animals.

How long will the driver wait?2021-08-18T17:44:42-07:00

Customers are provided a window of time in which the driver will arrive.  For transit customers, drivers are instructed to wait two minutes upon arrival. For paratransit customers, drivers are instructed to wait five minutes after their arrival time.

Will social distancing and mask coverings be enforced on vehicles?2021-08-18T17:42:52-07:00

Currently, CDC prevention measures continue to apply to all travelers, including those who are vaccinated. All travelers are required to wear a mask on all planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations.

Please see the following link for more information https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/face-masks-public-transportation.html

Failure to comply may result in denial of boarding and/or removal. Individuals may also be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties, which would be imposed by federal officials and not the RTC or local law enforcement.

Who do I contact if my ride does not show up at the scheduled time?2021-08-18T17:42:00-07:00

You can message an RTC-OnDemand dispatcher in real time via RTC-OnDemand app for assistance or call 702.676.1801.

How are RTC-OnDemand vehicles identified?2021-08-18T17:40:48-07:00

The vehicles have an RTC-OnDemand logo on the side panel of the vehicle.

How does the driver identify which rider is the correct person to pick up?2021-08-18T17:39:50-07:00

The driver will receive an electronic message with the customer’s name and pick up location once the RTC-OnDemand ride is scheduled. Customers can confirm their name with the driver once the RTC-OnDemand vehicle arrives.

Where are lost and found items kept and for how long?2021-08-18T17:38:27-07:00

Found items are stored for a maximum of 15 days.  

What if I leave an item on an RTC-OnDemand vehicle?2021-08-18T17:37:30-07:00

Riders who leave an item on an RTC-OnDemand vehicle can contact rtcondemand@rtcsnv.com or provide a comment via the RTC-OnDemand app or call 702.676.1801, for assistance.  Every effort will be made to return a lost item.  RTC is not responsible for personal belongings a customer leaves on a vehicle.

What is the minimum age a person must be in order to reserve an RTC-OnDemand ride?2021-08-18T17:36:10-07:00

The minimum age is 6 years of age. 

Am I allowed to tip RTC-OnDemand drivers?2021-08-18T17:35:30-07:00

No, tipping is not allowed. 

How can I provide feedback regarding my RTC-OnDemand experience?2021-08-18T17:34:45-07:00

RTC-OnDemand app has a comment section where riders provide feedback once their trip is complete.  Customers are encouraged to leave comments about their ride, driver and overall experience to help improve service.

May I bring food or drinks on board the vehicle?2021-08-18T17:33:59-07:00

Eating is not allowed inside the vehicle. Drinks must be in spill proof containers. 

Are there any no show or cancellation fees?2021-08-18T17:32:43-07:00

When you book a ride with RTC-OnDemand you are making a commitment to the system and the driver, and a schedule is created to accommodate your trip.  If you are not able to take the ride, please cancel your ride as soon as possible.

Excessive last minute cancellations or no shows can result in the suspension of your user account.

How do I cancel a scheduled ride?2021-08-18T17:31:36-07:00

A trip can be canceled in the RTC-OnDemand app or by calling 702.676.1801.

How long will my ride take from my pick-up to my destination?2021-08-18T17:30:51-07:00

Travel time is comparable in length to an identical trip on the RTC fixed route system, including the time necessary to travel to the bus stop, wait for the bus, actual riding time, transferring, and traveling from the stop to your ultimate destination.

How long will I wait for a ride once the reservation is placed through the RTC-OnDemand app?2021-08-18T17:29:56-07:00

Customers will receive an estimated pick-up time before booking.  You can also track your vehicle in real time in the RTC-OnDemand app. Your vehicle will arrive in thirty minutes of reserving your ride.

When booking my ride, what helpful information should I prepare for the driver to locate me?2021-08-18T17:29:06-07:00

Helpful information includes your pick-up address, facility name and gate code if applicable.  Helpful comments can be noted in the ‘Special Instructions’ field when you reserve your ride.

What is RTC-OnDemand?2021-08-18T16:13:37-07:00

RTC-OnDemand is ride-share pilot program that expands connectivity for residents in West Henderson and the Southwest Valley. On-demand service means you can access rides when you need to, instead of planning your trip around a bus route schedule. RTC-OnDemand will pick you up from your doorstep and connect you to transit stops and other popular destinations, such as medical facilities, grocery stores and more. RTC-OnDemand links passengers to several destination drop-off choices with options to transfer to bus routes and provides paratransit passengers door-to-door service throughout the greater RTC service area.

Transit customers can utilize RTC-OnDemand in the following ways:

  • Travel to and from locations within the RTC-OnDemand zone
  • Travel to a bus stop within the zone, transfer to fixed route, and then travel to destinations outside of the RTC-OnDemand zone.

Paratransit customers living in the RTC-OnDemand zone can utilize RTC-OnDemand in the following ways:

  • Travel curb-to-curb to locations within the RTC-OnDemand zone, or travel curb-to-curb within the greater RTC service area and transfers are not required.
How soon can I book ride? If I want to go now, can I book for now?2021-07-13T08:56:30-07:00

Yes, you can book a ride and have a driver at your location in as soon as thirty minutes.

Can a customer book an RTC-OnDemand ride for a future date?2021-08-18T17:28:03-07:00

Yes, rides can be booked up to seven days in advance.

Can customers split payment among more than one person?2021-08-18T17:27:04-07:00

No, each rider is required to pay the required fixed route and or paratransit fare.

Can a Paratransit customer use a Free Pass on RTC-OnDemand?2021-07-13T08:54:01-07:00

Paratransit free passes may not be used on RTC-OnDemand. 

Is a paratransit customer able to use their paratransit card to ride RTC-OnDemand for free?2021-08-18T17:26:16-07:00

Paratransit customers must pay the regular paratransit price when using RTC-OnDemand.  If a paratransit customer transfers to a fixed route service, they may then use his/her paratransit ID to continue on the fixed route free of charge.

How do customers pay for their rides?2021-08-18T17:25:16-07:00

Customers can pay using the RTC-OnDemand App, rideRTC App, Uber App, Lyft App, paper passes or with exact change on board the vehicle.

How much is it to ride?2021-08-18T17:24:31-07:00

Fares are consistent with Fixed route and paratransit fares. Please visit https://www.rtcsnv.com/ways-to-travel/fares-passes/ for current fares.

What are RTC-OnDemand’s service hours?2021-08-18T17:23:53-07:00

Service hours are from 4 a.m. to 1:45 a.m. daily for transit customers and 24 hours a day for paratransit customers.    

Is there enough room in the vehicle to accommodate multiple passengers?2021-07-13T08:37:25-07:00

Yes, up to 12 passengers per vehicle.

Where can I download the app?2021-08-18T17:22:15-07:00

The RTC-OnDemand app is available in the Apple app store for iPhone users and in the Google Play store for Android device users. 

Can I schedule my destination and return ride at same time?2021-08-18T17:21:31-07:00

Yes, however you must schedule the rides a minimum of one hour apart.

How can I schedule my ride?2021-08-18T17:20:43-07:00

If you are a transit customer, you can schedule your ride through the app or by calling RTC at 702.676.1801 from 4 a.m. to 1:45 a.m. daily.  The agent will be able to give you a vehicle arrival time and confirm your pick up and drop off locations. 

If you are a paratransit customer, you can reserve your ride through the app or by calling RTC at 702.676.1801, 24 hours a day.

Is RTC-OnDemand vehicles ADA accessible?2021-08-18T17:20:07-07:00

Yes, the vehicles used for the service are ADA accessible.

Since RTC-OnDemand is a ridesharing service, does it mean the vehicle can stop to pick up more passengers during a customer’s trip?2021-07-12T16:51:33-07:00

Yes, the vehicle may stop to pick up or drop off customers along the way, but the driver will still make every effort to ensure the drop-off time provided when the reservation was scheduled is not compromised.

Is RTC-OnDemand a shared ride?2021-08-18T16:23:15-07:00

Yes, it is shared ride public transportation.  This means that the vehicle can stop to pick up and drop off passengers during a customer’s trip. 

Where can customers take the service?2021-08-18T16:22:12-07:00
    • Transit customers may travel within the RTC-OnDemand zone and/or use RTC-OnDemand to connect to another bus route.
    • Transit customers may need to walk a short distance to meet their ride in order to maximize the number of riders.
    • Paratransit customers can take RTC-OnDemand anywhere within the RTC-OnDemand and RTC paratransit service areas. You can check to see if your address is within one of the two service areas by visiting http://rtcws.rtcsnv.com/paraservice/.
What is a quick description of RTC-OnDemand?2021-07-12T16:46:56-07:00

RTC-OnDemand is a ride-share service offering flexible routing and scheduling for both fixed route and paratransit customers in the Southwest Valley and West Henderson. The RTC-OnDemand zone is roughly 32 square miles.

Fixed route customers can utilize RTC-OnDemand in the following ways:

  • Travel to locations within the RTC-OnDemand zone
  • Travel to fixed route transit stops within the zone, where they can transfer to fixed route transit and travel to destinations outside of the RTC-OnDemand zone.

Paratransit customers living in the RTC-OnDemand zone can utilize RTC-OnDemand in the following ways:

    • Door-to-Door travel to locations within the RTC-OnDemand zone.
    • Travel to locations outside the RTC-OnDemand zone, just as they would on RTC Paratransit. Transfers are not required

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