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The RTC is committed to Southern Nevada developing a safe, connected, and convenient walking and bicycling system that serves as a viable transportation and recreation asset while advancing the region’s economic, educational, health, and environmental goals.

What does that mean for Southern Nevadans?

  1. Dedicated bike lanes along streets to provide safe travel.
  2. Bike and walking trails for exercise, recreation, and commuting.
  3. Safe routes for students to get to and from school and extracurricular activities.
  4. Convenient bike share services, promoting eco-friendly transportation options for everyone in the community.

Additionally, the RTC is working on linking bicycle facilities to transit service and providing bike routes along transit corridors. The RTC’s transit system supports more than 55,000 bike trips every month. Safe and convenient options for pedestrians and cyclists are important to our quality of life. As a bonus, walking and cycling are also good for the environment.

Fun Facts from the 2017 Regional Bike Plan

Of all trips in Southern Nevada, about 1% are done by bicycle and another 8 to 12% by walking.

The Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is working toward over 2,000 miles of bike lanes and walking paths.

Active transportation is defined as “human-powered forms of transportation, primarily walking and bicycling”.

14.8% of our high school students are physically inactive (not participating in at least 60 mins of physical activity per week).

8.5% of Southern Nevada residents do not have reliable access to an automobile.

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