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Lights, Camera, Action!

The RTC cares about your safety and wants to continue to keep you out of harm’s way. In the past 11 years, the RTC has invested $18.3 MILLION to improve the safety and comfort at transit shelters and stops. We understand our work is far from complete, so we are making plans for more improvements.



  • In 2018, the RTC installed 22 freestanding solar-powered lights at bus stops to help improve safety for riders and pedestrians. The additional lighting makes riders and pedestrians more visible to drivers.
  • A year-long project wrapped up in 2020 that upgraded lighting at nearly 1,100 shelters across the valley, including:
    • BHX/HDX Shelter Lighting Upgrades
      • 23 shelters
    • Flamingo and SDX Shelter Lighting Upgrades
      • 117 Flamingo shelters
      • 13 SDX shelters
    • Sahara Shelter Lighting Upgrades
      • 72 shelters
    • General Market Shelter Lighting Upgrades
      • 866 shelters


  • Of the 1,698 shelters, there are 1,409 with lighting. There are 289 shelters that need lighting installed.
  • There is the potential to leverage $4 million in federal grant funds that could be used to fund the lighting upgrades at transit stops.
  • 300 freestanding solar lights are now being added to stops that currently do not have a shelter.




  • Security cameras were installed inside RTC buses that allow local law enforcement to view live streams on each fixed-route vehicle.  The $200,000 safety tool allows local law enforcement to see inside the vehicle, assess the situation and act appropriately.
  • The Transit Watch app, which launched on Dec. 3, is another safeguard we have to ensure that we respond to incidents faster and more efficiently.  The free feature empowers our customers to report non-emergency incidents such as transit-related offenses, suspicious activity and safety concerns.  Reports go directly to the RTC security’s contractor dispatch center, which will review the submissions and direct them for follow up to the appropriate agency, such as the LVMPD.  More than 3,000 people downloaded the feature within the first six months of the launch.


  • In 2021, we are planning to spend an additional $9.7 million in grant funding to replace the security surveillance at our facilities and modernize our security cameras and software on our buses to provide better resolution and enhanced video capabilities. New features include:
    • Cameras will be a higher resolution
    • The new system will have more storage
    • They will include the live look feature for law enforcement
    • Video download capabilities will improve


  • Over the span of the past decade, the RTC has spent more than $18 million to improve rider and pedestrian safety at bus shelters and stops in our community. The money was used to push back shelters five feet from the curb and to purchase new shelters.
  • To date, we have moved 1,205 transit shelters back five feet from the sidewalk, when space was available.
  • In 2018, 23 stops were moved back farther from the sidewalk.
  • The RTC has now pushed back all the bus stops it could with the available right-of-way it owned or had access to.  The RTC continues work with private property owners to acquire the necessary right-of-way to push back more stops.
  • The City of Las Vegas has been a great partner in reaching out to property owners to acquire right-of-way for shelters that are currently not five feet from the curb. The City of Las Vegas has budgeted approximately $1.75 million for this initiative and has spent approximately $1 million to date.
  • In addition to moving stops back, the RTC has purchased 900 new shelters and installed them five feet behind the curb in locations that did not have any amenities.


  • To enhance passenger and pedestrian safety at bus stops, the RTC is starting a pilot program to place bollards in front of 20 residential shelters.  The bollards are designed to withstand an impact of a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling 50 mph.  They meet the highest penetration rating for perimeter barriers subjected to vehicle impact.

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