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Listed below are commonly asked questions. Hopefully, the answer to your question is below and if not, please contact the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) at (702) 228-RIDE (7433) or e-mail us.

Frequently Asked Transit Questions

Do you stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign?2021-03-11T21:40:08-08:00

Yes, the Deuce and Route 104 do stop at the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas Sign’ and there is a pedestrian crosswalk for safe access.

What is Club Ride and how do I become a Club Ride member?2021-03-11T21:45:08-08:00

Club Ride Commuter Services is a program designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by encouraging different modes of transportation. To become a member, visit rtcsnv.com, call 702-228-RIDE (option 5), or visit your HR Office to see if your employer is a partner to sign up onsite.

Do comments have to be placed through RTC Customer Service at (702) 228-RIDE (7433)?2021-03-11T21:48:04-08:00

All comments must be recorded to ensure they are being researched, directed to the appropriate department and answered in a timely manner. The RTC Customer Service process is in place to better serve you. You may also place a comment in person at the Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) & Administration building, online, through the rideRTC app, and by mail: 600 S. Grand Central Pkwy., Las Vegas NV, 89106.

Why are Reduced Fare ID cards only available at the Bonneville Transit Center (BTC)?2019-05-29T15:20:00-07:00

The Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) serves as the central transit facility and provides better accessibility to a greater number of customers.

What qualifies me for a Reduced Fare ID card?2022-05-24T10:43:48-07:00

The RTC offers reduced fares for youth 6-17 years, senior citizens 60+ years, Medicare eligible persons, customers with a valid transit ID’s from another transit agency and customers with a disability. A valid driver’s license or non-driver photo ID card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles must accompany all signed original letters from a physician stating the individual is disabled along with the time period of the disability. The letter must be less than 3 months old.

Why doesn’t the RTC expand the fixed route service area?2019-05-29T15:20:32-07:00
The economy and ridership are key factors that limit the RTC’s expansion plans. The RTC evaluates service annually and if operational resources exist and there is enough demand, the RTC strives to make expansions possible.
How can I get routing and time-point information when the RTC offices are closed?2019-05-29T15:20:54-07:00
Customers may use the Transit Guide or visit the RTC’s Web site, rtcsnv.com, to access specific route information, maps and time-points. RTC’s transit app, rideRTC, is a convenient resource for routing information as well as purchasing passes.
Are all buses wheelchair accessible?2019-05-29T15:21:14-07:00
All RTC vehicles are equipped with lifts, ramps or kneeling devices to accommodate passengers using mobility devices.
Why are select passes sold at Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) and bills larger than $20 not accepted for purchase?2021-03-11T21:50:03-08:00

The RTC provides change at the Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) and South Strip Transit Terminal (SSTT) with a bill breaker machine in order to better serve transit patrons.

How can customers acquire change to purchase fares at Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) or onboard buses?2019-05-29T15:21:50-07:00
The RTC provides change at the Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) and South Strip Transit Terminal (SSTT) with a bill breaker machine in order to better serve transit patrons.
There was an issue with my pass. Why can’t it be replaced immediately?2019-05-29T15:22:09-07:00
There is a required investigative process that must occur before the RTC is able to return or replace a pass and this process can take anywhere from 7-10 days to complete.
Why are passes validated at the time of issue when it is purchased from a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)?2019-05-29T15:22:26-07:00
Passes are activated at the time of issue to ensure the pass is valid when boarding RTC Transit services.
What can be done if I have a complaint about a driver?2021-03-11T21:51:29-08:00

The RTC strives to offer exceptional customer service. Please contact an RTC Customer Service Representative at (702) 228-RIDE (7433), seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the route number, vehicle number, location where you boarded the bus, and time you boarded the bus, and this information will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review and follow-up. You may also place a comment in person at the Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) and RTC Administration building, online, on rideRTC app and by mail: 600 S. Grand Central Pkwy., Las Vegas NV, 89106.

Why did the bus pass me up?2019-05-29T15:23:43-07:00
There are a few reasons why a bus could pass you up such as: the bus is already at full capacity and is unable to board additional passengers, the bus is out of service, or the bus is being used to fill in for only a portion of a route to close gaps in service that may have been caused by roadway congestion, traffic accident, or some other valid reason. The bus is not required to stop at each bus stop if there are no customers waiting. Please be sure to make yourself visible to the operator at the bus stop and make sure to verify the time that the bus is scheduled to arrive.
Why not add more service to the Strip?2019-05-29T15:23:58-07:00
The amount of vehicles deployed to the Strip is based upon three factors: customer demand, vehicle capacity, and budget constraints. There are times during the year when demand for service is greater than usual. In those instances, budget permitting, the RTC will deploy additional vehicles to handle the increased demand for service.
Why was my bus not on time?2021-03-11T21:52:35-08:00

Scheduled times are approximate and may vary due to unusual traffic conditions or other significant disruptions along the route.

What is the carry-on bag policy?2020-06-18T09:26:18-07:00

Customers are permitted to carry on only the number of bags that they are able to manage independently in one boarding without the assistance of the driver. The carry-on items must fit within a certain space either on your lap or in front of your area. If a customer brings more than he/she is able to manage independently, it will be the customer’s choice on whether to board with a manageable amount of items or find alternative transportation to carry the remaining packages. Items cannot be placed in the aisles.

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