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Private Development Projects

Private Development Submittals

The RTC is committed to coordinate southern Nevada’s infrastructure projects to reduce traffic impacts for the traveling public.  We encourage private developers to submit their civil plans electronically through RTC for review and to assist in coordination with other projects.  Our goal is to minimize traffic congestion in a safe and organized mannered by working together as a community. 

Once received, various departments (Streets & Highways, Transit Planning and FAST) participates in plan reviews to generate feedback.  All RTC comments are forward to the local government agency to be included in their plan review process.

RTC DOES NOT provide As-Built drawings for FAST or ITS network locations.  Please contact the responsible governmental entity

If a private development project occurs within public right-of-way or impacts traffic it will appear on the Regional Project Coordination Committee (RPCC) Map for members of the public to review. 

Latest RTC general notes for civil plans can be found here:

  • RTC Transit Notes (Revised January 24, 2019)   WordPDF
  • RTC FAST Notes (Revised May 1, 2020)   Word | PDF
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