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Report Your Commute

Club Ride commuters and new members are encouraged to report a week’s work of commuting information (just select your commute mode for the past week). Once you’ve logged in, you can also see commuting reports for previous weeks, cost savings, and pollution reductions.

Ways to Report Your Commute to Club Ride

New to Club Ride? Register online to become a Club Ride member and start reporting your commute.

Login to your account. Use the email you registered with Club Ride. 

On the Club Ride Rewards app for Android and iPhone – Click here for Club Ride Rewards App Instructions.

By Kiosk: Swipe your card at a touch screen kiosks at work (limited locations)

By Phone: Call 702-228-RIDE (7433), option 5 and tell us

Sign Up HERE
Report Your Commute HERE
Club Ride Rewards App for iPhone
Club Ride Rewards App for Android

By Text: Register you cell phone with us, then text message 41411 that type: CRide followed by a space and the number corresponding to your commute mode. (example: CRide 4):

  • 2- carpool
  • 3- vanpool
  • 4- transit/bus
  • 5- bicycle
  • 6- walk
  • 7- motorcycle
  • 8- telecommute
  • 9- compressed work week day off

If you are having problems logging into your account, registering your phone for text messaging or have any questions email us at clubride@rtcsnv.com or call us at 702.228.RIDE (7433), Option 5 and we can get you started.

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