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Commuter Calculator

Could you be saving on your commute?  Find out how much your commute costs with this Commuter Calculator.

A. How many miles is your daily commute (round trip)?
B. How many days per month do you normally work?
C. How many miles per gallon does your car average?
D. How much per gallon do you usually pay for gasoline?
E. What is your cost per mile for maintenance and tires?*
F. What is your cost per day for insurance, financing, and depreciation?*
Your estimated monthly commuting cost is:
Your estimated yearly commuting cost is:


*Cost estimates based on the Automobile Association of America’s “Your Driving Costs 2021

This number is intended to be a comprehensive commuting cost estimate. Your costs may vary based on your personal automobile usage, care, and maintenance.

To determine the cost of fuel only, please change the numbers in lines E and F by putting your cursor in the space, deleting the numbers (by backspacing) and typing in a “0” to replace these values. Please contact Club Ride if you need assistance at 702.228.7433, option 5.

Interested in lowering your commuting costs?  Consider an alternative commute like:

  • Transit – Click HERE to find a bus route that works for you
  • Carpool – Join Club Ride and we'll help you find a carpool partner
  • Walk – Make walking part or all of your work commute – it's healthy and free!
  • Bike – Check out the RTC's bike services HERE
  • Vanpool – Join a vanpool…save money and make friends
  • Telecommute – Club Ride rewards telecommuters too!
  • Compressed Work Week Day Off – Your flex work week helps the environment and saves money – learn more HERE

Reporting any of these commute alternatives as a Club Ride member makes you eligible for discounts, services, and hundreds of prizes every month!

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Could you be saving on your commute? Find out how much your commute costs with this Commuter Calculator.

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