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Carpool Rules and Etiquette

Once you have found a potential carpool partner, either on your own or through Club Ride’s ridematch database, it’s time to iron out details and determine whether you are suited to carpool together. The more you discuss in advance, the fewer problems you will encounter once you have started carpooling. And consider setting up a trial period so that if it doesn’t work out, it will be easy to bow out gracefully. 

Some of the topics you may want to discuss include:

  • How much will everyone pay for gas and other expenses?
  • Who will drive and when?
  • How often will you carpool – every day or once a week? Set the schedule and remember, if things change you must contact your fellow carpoolers ASAP!
  • Where will pick-ups and drop-offs be located? Do you need permission to park in these places?
  • What will you do on days when you cannot carpool and it is your turn to drive?
  • What happens if you have to work late or leave work early because of an emergency? Sign up for a Guaranteed Ride Home to get a ride home, but make sure to contact everyone in your pool regarding the emergency situation.
  • How long will the carpool wait if someone is late?
  • What sort of music will be allowed, if any?
  • Are smoking and/or eating allowed?
  • Are any riders sensitive to strong perfumes or colognes?
  • Will you be making stops? (For coffee, dropping children off at daycare, gas, etc.)
  • What duties will the driver be responsible for?
  • Will the fuel tank be filled before the riders are picked up?

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