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The weather is heating up and RTC’s cycling team wants you to remember your biking basics before you hit the road. One way to start your ride off right is to complete the ABC quick check before taking off.

The ABC quick check is a short, simple test that you should perform before each time you ride your bike to make sure that your bike is in good, safe condition. So, what is the ABC quick check?

First, start with Air. You’ll check that both tires have good air pressure, and they aren’t worn out. Most bicycles list a range of pressure that your tires should fall within. This can be found on the sidewall of your tires. Also make sure to check for any damage or wear to the tires in case they need to be replaced.

Second, look at the Breaks. You’ll need to make sure that there isn’t any damage to the brakes or brake cables. You can test the brakes on the bike to make sure they’re working correctly. If the bike has coaster brakes, you can spin the back wheel and apply the brake by pushing the pedal backwards. If it has hand brakes, you can test them by squeezing the brake levers and attempting to push the bike forward. Applying the brakes should stop the bike.

Third, check out your Chain. Make sure that the chain can move freely, there isn’t any rust, and that it isn’t skipping any of the sprockets. If you notice any rust or damage to the chain, make sure to replace it before finishing your ride. 

Now that you’ve done your quick check, you’re ready to ride! You can visit the RTC Bike Center at the Bonneville Transit Center (101 E. Bonneville Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89101) any time for bike maintenance and repair assistance and for biweekly free Bike Repair Clinics. Our first clinic in May is this Saturday at 4p.m. More details can be found at

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