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Guest Writer from Sumnu Marketing

The “S” in RiSE is for SUPPORT, and that is exactly what Monument Construction, a local general contractor, and G3 Electrical, a local woman-owned business, have been doing for one another.

Co-owner of Monument Construction Parth Gandhi and owner of G3 Electrical Tiesha Moore recently shared some insight about their prime-subcontractor relationship. Both parties gave glowing remarks about one another, emphasizing that prime and subcontractor relationships are crucial to completing projects that exceed expectations and glad theirs formed organically nearly five years ago.

“I’ve worked with a lot of businesses of different sizes and make-ups, but G3 Electrical is the first small and woman-owned [construction] firm that we’ve contracted with in which the woman was actively involved and running the company like this, in the field, and everything,” said Parth.

These companies understood from the beginning that prime contractor and subcontractor collaboration and synergy are essential, which has resulted in them achieving shared project goals and repeat partnership opportunities. What began as a subcontractor opportunity has evolved into more of a partnership.

Tiesha stated, “None of the projects we’ve performed on with Monument have even required DBE solicitation, so the fact that this is intentional for them is a big deal.”

Monument Construction grew from a local small business in Clark County, Nevada, to a general contractor in just five years. They decided to pay it forward by actively seeking local small and underdeveloped businesses for subcontracting opportunities – regardless of business inclusion goals.

Tips for developing prime-subcontractor relationships:

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Remain teachable.
  3. Ensure that core values align.
  4. Clear expectations, transparency, and collaborative problem-solving win every time.
  5. Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready – success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

Find out more about the RiSE Program here and how to get certified.

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