Get a bird’s eye view from RTC traffic cams

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Did you know that the RTC’s FAST (Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation) Department manages more than a thousand traffic cameras? That’s a lot of eyes on Southern Nevada traffic and the great news is that you can access many of them too!

The cameras provide a convenient way for FAST to monitor and respond in real time to changing traffic conditions and for the public to gather vital information to help plan their commutes. They are easily accessible on the RTC website and here’s a bonus –  if you’re heading out of town, you can access statewide cameras thanks to our partners at the Nevada Department of Transportation. That, in addition to our travel forecast, will give you a clear picture of what to expect before you hit the road.

And speaking of planning for your commute,  don’t forget to sign up for traffic alerts and follow the hashtag #FASTALERTS on X (formerly Twitter).

The cameras are just one way that the Southern Nevada Traffic Management Center monitors and control traffic. FAST also oversees more than 1,600 traffic signals, 160 dynamic message signs/active traffic management signs, and 650 freeway traffic flow detectors. Learn more about FAST on the RTC website.

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