All Aboard the Gratitude Bus – Celebrating Transit Employee Appreciation Day!

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Transit Employee Appreciation Day is on March 18! Let's give a roaring round of applause to the unsung heroes who keep our cities moving like clockwork – transit workers!

Picture this: bus drivers maneuvering through rush hour traffic, mechanics working their magic to keep the fleet in top shape, and security officers ensuring riders are safe and sound. These are the faces behind the scenes, the backbone of our busy city.

This year, we're taking our appreciation game up a notch with a special social media contest. Follow @RTCSNV, like our Transit Employee Appreciation post, and drop a heartfelt message with #RTCTransitEmployeeAppreciationDay, and you could snag two tickets to catch the March 23 Vegas Golden Knights game. Talk about scoring big while spreading the love!

So, how can you join in on the celebration? It's simple! Whether you're hopping on the bus or strolling through the station, take a moment to thank a transit worker. A smile, a wave, or a simple “thank you” can make their day brighter and remind them just how much their hard work means to us all.

Transit Employee Appreciation Day isn't just a date on the calendar—it's a chance to shine the spotlight on those who keep our cities in motion. Let's make some noise, show some love, and give a standing ovation to the dedicated individuals who keep us rolling towards our destinations, day in and day out.

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