30: Rolling, Riding, and Thriving

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In 1992 the Las Vegas transportation system was created but there was something missing.

Two years later, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, the RTC established paratransit service. The ADA was developed to ensure individuals with disabilities equal access to live life, and in this case, equal access to public transportation. This meant new opportunities for our community who are unable to ride traditional bus service. Paratransit service focuses on accessibility 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!   

You may be eligible for the service if, because of a disability:

  • You cannot independently travel to/from traditional bus stops.
  • You can use an accessible traditional bus, but the route that you would use is not accessible.
  • You cannot independently navigate the system even though you can board the bus.

It’s been 30 years of service, and our goal continues to be to expand accessibility options, promote inclusivity, and foster independence for individuals with disabilities. The Mobility Training Center (MTC) is where we give free one-on-one training to senior citizens and people with disabilities on how to ride our fixed-route transit service safely and securely.

The MTC is the perfect example of continuing innovations to further reach our vision. Watch a virtual tour of our MTC by clicking here. Stay tuned in 2024 for our newest paratransit project, the Mobility Lab, that takes training and accessibility to the next level!

During the upcoming months, we are thrilled to celebrate the achievements and growth of RTC paratransit. We invite you to join us as we showcase the inspiring stories of the employees and customers who have benefited from this invaluable service.

Together, let us celebrate the achievements of the past three decades and look forward to a more accessible and inclusive future for all.

Learn more about RTC’s Paratransit services by visiting our website.

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