Transit workers are superstars!

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Transit Worker Appreciation Day is Saturday, March 18. The RTC is celebrating the #RTCTransitSuperstars who keep our community moving!

From getting the college student to his last final exam, the hardworking nurse to her shift, or a family visiting their loved ones, transit workers have helped move Southern Nevada forward for more than 30 years.

Here are five ways you can show appreciation for the transit professionals who help keep our community connected every day:

  1. Share a smile – A smile goes a long way! Share a smile with drivers, security officers, and your fellow passengers to show some love.
  2. Mind your Manners – Respecting the rules of public transit are a great way to show transit workers you appreciate them. For pro tips on how you can help create a safe and positive ride, visit
  3. Pack your patience – Remember, your driver is working hard to safely get you to the places and events that matter most.
  4. Give a shout-out – Did you have a great experience with a transit worker? Let us know on social! Tag @RTCSNV and we will relay your message.
  5. Thank-yous are thoughtful – A simple “thank you” is greatly appreciated. Whether you see a security officer at a transit station or a driver on your daily commute, don’t forget to say thank you to transit workers for all that they do.

For more #TransitWorkerAppreciationDay content, follow us on social media! Visit for a full list of all of our channels.

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