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Love Your Ride

Love Your Ride

The RTC wants you to share the love – whether it’s with fellow passengers, drivers or transit security. That’s why we are reminding riders to practice transit etiquette through eight little acts of love that will help everyone enjoy a more safe and pleasant ride.

Little Acts of Love

Minding your manners may not be an issue for many riders, but we know that bad behavior can throw off a ride for everyone! As the RTC continues to make improvements to our transit system, we are asking customers to respect their ride so all passengers can enjoy a pleasant and positive experience.

Try these out on your next ride to help share the love!

  • Pack your patience– Remember, your driver is working hard to safely get you to the places and events that matter most.
  • Can you hear that?– If listening to music, use headphones, keep your volume low, and keep phone calls to a minimum
  • Love is in the fare– Save time boarding the bus by having your ticket ready or use the rideRTC app to prepay and quickly scan your pass.
  • Kindness counts– Consider offering your seat to elderly, pregnant, or disabled passengers who may need it more.
  • Share a smile– A smile goes a long way! Share a smile with drivers, security officers, and your fellow passengers to show some love.
  • Hold the fries– Please don’t eat or drink on the bus, our transit staff works hard to ensure that the buses stay clean for all riders.
  • Stow your stuff – Do not use multiple seats for your bags. Be considerate of others who may be looking for a seat.
  • Don’t be rude, dude – Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable ride. The RTC prohibits passengers from threatening or physically attacking passengers, service animals, RTC staff, RTC contractor staff, or a member of the general public.

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