Revolutionizing Transit: Hydrogen vs. Battery Electric Buses

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This Earth Day, let's talk about the power of choice in shaping a greener future. At the RTC, we're leading the charge with two game-changing technologies: hydrogen fuel cell electric and battery electric buses.

Hydrogen Electric Buses: Zero Emissions, Maximum Efficiency

Hydrogen electric buses are the pioneers of clean mobility, emitting only water vapor and heat as they zoom by. With long-range capabilities and lightning-fast refueling times, these buses are perfect for busy routes, ensuring a smooth and eco-friendly ride for passengers.

Battery Electric Buses: Silent Heroes of Sustainability

Battery electric buses silently glide through the city, powered by advanced battery tech and renewable energy. They're versatile, adaptable, and emission-free, offering a seamless transition to cleaner transit options.

Join the Movement: Be a Hero, Ride Zero

This Earth Day, make a statement by choosing sustainable transportation. Hop on board one of our hydrogen or battery electric buses and experience the future of transit firsthand. Every ride counts towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

To learn more about our zero emissions fleet, click HERE.

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