GO-NV Summit showcases the best in smart city and transportation tech

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With the eyes and ears all on Las Vegas this week, we decided to capitalize on that momentum and host the GO-NV Summit on Monday to highlight the transportation technology that is already taking place in Southern Nevada, and hear from other large metro areas about how they’re driving advanced mobility.

When we held the last GO-NV Summit in 2017, transportation technology was on the brink of revolution. There were rumors and claims of cars that could drive themselves right alongside humans on the road. Cars that could talk to traffic lights, talk to our infrastructure and each other. And there was app after app that could help get you from Point A to Point B after just a few taps or swipes.

Since then, our region has become the epicenter and testing ground for many of these transformative technologies. One of the world’s first successful Hyperloop test track operates right in our backyard and has performed more than 400 tests, now exceeding speeds of 250 miles per hour.

Just down the road where they’re setting up CES, a tunnel and new autonomous people mover technology is being installed at what will soon be one of the largest convention spaces in the world. People are summoning and taking rides in autonomous vehicles right here in our resort corridor. In just the past year, Aptiv in conjunction with Lyft, has given more than 82,000 rides in their autonomous BMWs you’ve probably seen driving up and down the Strip.

Audi used our traffic infrastructure to develop technology in their vehicles that tells the driver when lights will change and even how fast to drive to catch the next green light! Now that technology works with thousands of traffic signals across the country.

But it happened here first. And that’s why we held the GO-NV Summit: to showcase the transformative public and private sector projects that further the development of smart city and advanced transportation technology.

The event also served as the stage for two new announcements:

  1. RTC’s new partnership with Transit and Uber who will now offer RTC transit passes via their respective apps, and
  2. The largest deployment of connected vehicle data integration in the country with Waycare.

Here’s a quick recap video:

In addition, the GO-NV Summit brought together leading companies and government officials to discuss how communities can plan, adapt and move forward as transportation technology continues to rapidly evolve.

Four panel discussions with private and public sector leaders focused on lessons learned and future opportunities. The panels began with representatives of the nation’s leading smart cities including Houston, Columbus and Las Vegas discussing the priority of partnerships, infrastructure and data cybersecurity, increasing internet connectivity and the practical application of technology.

U.S. Federal Transit Administration Acting Administrator K. Jane Williams also spoke to the audience about leveraging innovation to meet the shift in demand for a more seamless multimodal transportation through integrated fare payment systems and new technologies that promote transit as a piece of the overall mobility puzzle.

U.S. Department of Transportation Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy, Finch Fulton, delivered the event’s keynote address focused on the principles of the federal government in managing the development of automated vehicles, including promoting competition, protecting privacy and developing consumer safety standards.

Immediately after the summit at the GO-NV Tech Showcase, event attendees got hands-on experience with groundbreaking mobility technologies from nearly two dozen leading tech and transportation companies, including autonomous and connected vehicles that operate on land and in the air.

Watch the entire summit at rtcsnv.com/gonv.

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