City of Henderson supports diversity inclusion through RiSE program

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Local small and diverse businesses are looking for real opportunities and real connections. The RTC recognized early on that in order to successfully provide Resources, Involvement, Support, and Education (RiSE), partnerships with local jurisdictions would be a crucial component. 

Among the goals of RiSE is to connect prime contractors to qualified firms to work on RTC-funded projects, which are managed by each respective jurisdiction. Businesses that receive certification through the program will be added to a directory, making them more visible to job opportunities.

City of Henderson Public Works Director Ed McGuire joins us to talk about the importance of diversity and local small businesses and why the RiSE program and its directory is a step in the right direction for local firms. 

The City of Henderson, like other jurisdictions in the Southern Nevada area, plan to use the RiSE directory to hold contractors accountable for diversity inclusion and to help drive the local economy. McGuire added, “We need to figure out if they're making an honest effort to hire those small businesses, or if those resources are lacking.”

Check out the video to hear more from the City of Henderson's Public Works Director, Ed McGuire! 

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