Women’s History Month: MYS latest woman- and minority-owned business to become RiSE certified

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As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to recognize the strong females who have blazed the path before us, as well as the ones leading the charge into the future. Myisha Williams of MYS Project Management is one such woman whose passion burns brightly and whose work will help generations of women after her.

Williams founded MYS, a professional services firm that focuses on supplier diversity programming, in 2014 after spending a decade leading programs and teams across various technical industries. She recognized a demand for project management professionals who could bring innovative strategies to clients, and now MYS is the latest woman- and minority-owned business to join the RTC’s RiSE program. 

RiSE (Resources, Involvement, Support, Education) is designed to help connect Southern Nevada’s small and diverse businesses to all RTC-funded transportation contracting opportunities. The RTC’s goal is to award 8% of construction and 2% of professional services contracts to local small business and/or local diverse business firms.

“Sometimes we as women or minorities encounter barriers, and certification helps businesses to overcome these challenges,” said Williams. “Certification means having a fair chance at opportunities, and when certifications become available, MYS takes advantage of them.”

With three specialty areas – project management; impact graphic design; and diversity, equity and inclusion consultation – MYS has worked on a range of projects across all industries, including construction and transportation.

“Transportation infrastructure will likely be a major focus for future economic development, so programs like RiSE can certainly help entrepreneurs be primed and ready for emerging opportunities,” said Williams.

To help advance women-owned businesses and provide a voice to minorities, Williams currently serves on the National Forum for Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and on the legislatively-appointed Nevada Commission on Minority Affairs.

“The diversity of our region is only on the path to increasing,” said Williams. “Programs like RiSE are necessary to set the accountability for the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs to promote a heathy economic ecosystem.”

For more information about RiSE, visit rtcsnv.com/rise.

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