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What is Yellow Dot?

The Yellow Dot program helps first responders react as quickly as possible to help victims at accident scenes. First responders are alerted by a yellow dot decal placed in the lower left of a vehicle’s REAR window. If a driver is unconscious or unable to answer questions, Yellow Dot participants will have a kit containing important medical information in the glovebox of their vehicle, which emergency personnel can find when they need to administer critical care and treatment.

What’s in the Yellow Dot kit?

  • Yellow Dot decal for rear window
  • Recent photo of driver or occupant(s)
  • Name and emergency contact information
  • Allergies or medical conditions of the participant
  • Name and contact information, if any, of the participant’s physician and preferred hospital
  • Information, if any, about the participant’s health insurance
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Yellow Dot Car sticker

Where can I get a kit?

There are numerous locations scattered throughout the county, mostly in public buildings including, but not limited to, library districts, police departments, fire departments, and even community centers. The kit is free of charge, but you have to provide your own information regarding yourself.

If you would like to request a kit be mailed to you, contact (702) 676-1754.

Yellow Dot History

The 2015 Nevada Legislature passed AB 176 requiring the Yellow Dot program be available in counties with populations of more than 700,000. Here in Clark County, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is the designated program administrator.

What is a initiative?
Initiatives are ongoing areas of focus – for example, public safety campaigns.

What is a project?
Projects are defined in scope and timeline – for example, improving a specific road.

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