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The RTC’s RiSE Program aims to facilitate the connection between local small and diverse businesses and RTC-funded contracting opportunities.

Through networking opportunities, resource sharing, and educational outreach, the RTC works to increase the participation of local small and diverse businesses in contracting opportunities funded by local fuel and sales tax dollars. The program aims to stimulate economic growth, foster job creation, and support the development of a strong and resilient business community in Southern Nevada.

Many certified firms enjoyed participating in the business expo at the Grow Your Business Luncheon organized by the RTC and the Latin Chamber of Commerce. 

RTC also wants to congratulate two firms highlighted in the video, Trinity Land Surveying and Fencing Specialists, for earning over $1.18 million in RTC-funded contracts in Quarter Two 2023!

Learn more about what our certified firms had to say about the benefits of the program by watching below.

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