RiSE turns 3!

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The RiSE Program was born out of a vision for a more inclusive and thriving Southern Nevada. Recognizing the potential of local small and diverse businesses, the RTC designed this program to be a beacon of opportunity and growth. At its core, RiSE aspires to create a level playing field where these businesses can compete for and secure contracts funded by the RTC, and in doing so, invigorate the local economy.

With nearly 100 firms certified and more than 14% ($98.923.099.52) of contracts awarded in 2023 being spent with RiSE certified local small and diverse businesses, the success of RiSE hasn't solely been measured in contracts awarded or dollars generated. It's the success that can be found in the faces of business owners who've been given a chance, in the new jobs created, and in the sense of inclusivity that the program has woven into the fabric of Southern Nevada.

September marked the three years since the RTC set out on the ambitious journey to bridge the gap between local small and diverse businesses and the Resources, Involvement, Support, and Education needed.

Today, as we celebrate the RiSE Program’s three-year milestone, it's a moment to celebrate the remarkable impact it has had on the region's business community and economy, including:

  • Fostering economic growth and job creation
  • Knowledge sharing through resource allocation
  • Increased mentorship, support, and partnerships through matchmaking
  • Advancing diversity and inclusion through advocacy and stakeholder engagement

For the next three years and beyond, the RiSE Program is committed to cultivating relationships with businesses, organizations, and communities alike to take Southern Nevada's small and diverse businesses to new heights, transforming not just companies but entire communities. Local businesses can learn more about certification here.

The RiSE program is a shining example of how a regional transportation commission can be a driver of economic and social change, leaving a lasting legacy for the generations to come. Here's to the next chapter in this inspiring journey of growth, diversity, progress, and welcoming new businesses to certification.

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