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By: Andrew Bennett, Zero Fatalities Program Manager

The Nevada Zero Fatalities Program, a lifesaving program with the goal of reaching zero fatalities on Nevada’s roadways by 2050, has launched its latest ‘Always Drive Sober’ campaign, running now through Monday, Nov. 8. This statewide, multi-faceted campaign emphasizes the life-saving importance of planning ahead and utilizing rideshare services or dealing with law enforcement consequences.

From 2014 – 2018, nearly 70 percent of impaired driving fatalities occurred on urban roadways, with Clark County reporting the highest number of fatal impaired crashes. However, it is important to note that impaired driving is not limited to alcohol. Impairment includes those who have consumed marijuana, prescription drugs or a combination of several substances. In fact, poly-impaired driving, or alcohol combined with marijuana, prescription or recreational drug usage, is more common than single substance impaired driving. In 2018 alone, 59 marijuana and alcohol impaired-related fatalities occurred on Nevada’s roadways.

When you make the decision to consume, you take on the responsibility to determine a safe ride home. With countless safe ride options available at your fingertips – like RTC, Lyft or Uber – there is absolutely no excuse for you to get behind the wheel while not sober. A one-way RTC ride costs $2, while the cost of a DUI can run up to $15,000. Saving a life? That is priceless.

The Zero Fatalities program urges drivers to enjoy our state responsibly and Always Drive Sober or face the consequences and catch a different type of ‘rideshare’ with law enforcement.

For more information about the Zero Fatalities Program, please visit

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