Have you seen complete streets in the community?

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A growing number of communities are discovering the value of roads as important public spaces for all users including people who drive, walk, ride transit or ride a bicycle.

In 2013, we worked with all of the local jurisdictions (Clark County and the Cities of Las Vegas, City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite and Boulder City) to formulate and adopt the Complete Streets Design Guidelines to encourage streets to be a safe space that serves the needs of all community members.

Complete Streets not only make walking, biking and riding public transit safer for everyone, but they also reduce congestion, improve air quality and increase the quality of life of residents and visitors by providing safe, convenient and comfortable transportation choices.

Most recently, Clark County expanded its commitment to Complete Streets by passing the Safer Sidewalk Ordinance that would require roadways that are 60 feet or wider to have detached sidewalks. Detached sidewalks provide a landscaped buffer between roadways and walking paths to provide a much-needed separation for walkability in neighborhoods, as well as offer an added aesthetic benefit.

Check out these major street improvements along Fort Apache Road, between Alexander Road and the 215 from Clark County. These upgrades boasted major improvements for pedestrian safety such as adding bike lanes, bike buffers, which provide additional space between drivers and bicyclists, landscaped median islands and detached sidewalks.

Fort Apache Road Clark County

Or another example, is the City of Henderson’s recently upgraded Greenway Road between Horizon Ridge Parkway and College Drive. The project improvements included re-paving Greenway, as well as adding roundabouts at Heather Drive, Mission Drive and Paradise Hills Drive. Additional upgrades included the addition of ramps, detached sidewalks and upgraded LED streetlights which all added ADA improvements.

Greenway Road City of Henderson

Or check out the detached sidewalk on Alta Drive in the City of Las Vegas found below.

Alta Drive City of Las Vegas                                                                                                                 

The RTC contributes to the funding of complete streets alongside our six member agencies and with contributions from the community.

In addition to local and federal funding distributed through the RTC, our community also has the opportunity to help support the Southern Nevada Complete Streets Program. If you recently registered your car in the State of Nevada, you may have been asked if you wanted to donate $2 to the Complete Streets Program. When you renew your vehicle registration online at dmv.nv.gov or at any DMV kiosks, you can also contribute to the Complete Streets in your neighborhood.

For more information on Complete Streets, check out: https://www.rtcsnv.com/projects-initiatives/initiatives/complete-streets/.

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