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BE A HERO. RIDE ZERO (Emissions)


Southern Nevada is making strides towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow with our latest innovation in public transportation – the Battery Electric Bus! Four new battery electric buses will join our Hydrogen Fuel Cell fleet as groundbreaking additions to our community, which promise to revolutionize the way we travel while also reducing our carbon footprint. 

As the RTC continues to expand our zero emissions fleet, we remain committed to helping the community invest in innovative transit technology. 

What is a Battery Electric Bus?

Battery electric buses (BEBs) provide a clean, efficient, and cost-effective solution to help support a more sustainable community.

Key Features:

  • Environmental Benefits 
    • BEBs produce no tailpipe emissions, making them a vital tool in reducing air pollution in urban areas.
    • BEBs can significantly decrease carbon footprint, helping improve air quality for Southern Nevadans.
    • BEBs do not produce noise pollution, so vehicles make little to no noise.
  • Cost Savings
    • BEBs have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance than traditional diesel or gas-powered buses, resulting in significant cost savings for transit agencies.
    • Electricity is generally cheaper than diesel or natural gas.
  • Energy Efficiency 
    • BEBs are highly energy-efficient, converting a significant portion of electrical energy into motion, reducing waste and dependence on fossil fuels.
    • BEBs can store 525Kw on board. This may equate to about 132 – 200 miles per charge.
    • BEBs may take approximately three to four hours to charge.
  • Passenger Experience 
    • BEBs provide a smoother, quieter, and vibration-free ride, enhancing the comfort and satisfaction of passengers.
    • BEBs do not produce noise pollution, so vehicles make little to no noise.

What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bus?

Powered by cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology, the hydrogen bus represents an environmentally friendly vehicle powered by compressed hydrogen gas, a naturally abundant element.

Unlike traditional buses that rely on fossil fuels, the hydrogen-powered bus emits only water vapor as a by-product. This makes it a zero-emission solution that benefits both the environment and your daily commute.

Key Features:

  • It’s CleanUnlike traditional buses, the hydrogen bus will not release any harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases, only water vapor. This helps keep our air quality clean.
  • It’s SilentHydrogen fuel cell buses operate with little to no noise and accelerate smoothly, enhancing the customer experience.
  • It’s Charged Hydrogen refueling is quick and convenient as compared to standard electric vehicles, ensuring minimal downtime for the bus and keeping our system running smoothly.
  • It’s PowerfulHydrogen is the most naturally abundant element and combined with fuel cell technology. It is more powerful and energy efficient than traditional fossil fuels.

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A Cleaner Community

We know there is no better place suited to be the hub of the clean energy economy than Southern Nevada, and we are proud to be part of the change!

The introduction of hydrogen buses marks a significant step towards achieving a zero-emissions fleet, bringing about a host of advantages for Southern Nevada. These benefits encompass reductions in emissions, enhanced air quality, financial savings, and a reduction in noise pollution.

Join Us On Our Clean Commitment

We recognize the crucial role we all must play in order to address climate change. In Nevada, transportation accounts for more than 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

That is why we are committed to investing in clean transit, and buying buses is only one part of the equation. We have developed a Zero Emissions Bus Rollout Plan that identifies steps the RTC will take to transition its vehicle fleet from fossil fuels to 100-percent zero emissions by 2050 if funding is available. This plan supports Nevada’s goal of raising the state’s renewable energy portfolio to 50 percent by 2035 and 100 percent by 2050.

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