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Planning Map Resources

The RTC’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) produces a variety of maps and geographic data resources for transportation studies and regional planning purposes. This data is used to inform planning efforts conducted by the RTC, as well as by local and regional governments in Southern Nevada.

Below are interactive web-based maps produced by the MPO. Additional transportation- and transit-related maps and data can be accessed and downloaded on the RTC’s Open Data Hub.

Southern Nevada Community Health Scores

Composite map intended to serve as a resource for identifying potentially vulnerable populations, transportation-related health risk, and health-related transportation access within Southern Nevada. Used to assess equity in the regional planning process.
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Congestion Management Dashboard

Interactive dashboard that includes rankings of the region’s most congested road segments.
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SNS Community Data Map

SNS Community Data Map

Distribution of key socioeconomic data designed to help users better understand the region’s population and aid in community engagement efforts.
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Southern Nevada Extreme Heat Vulnerability Map

Composite map that identifies communities in Southern Nevada most vulnerable to the impacts of extreme heat
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SNS Healthy Food Map

SNS Healthy Food Access Map

Interactive map that allows users to identify areas where residents may lack convenient access to healthy food options.
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Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan LOS Map

Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan LOS Map

Interactive map of existing bicycle facilities according to level of comfort, ranging from Level 1 (high comfort, low traffic stress) to Level 4 (low comfort, high traffic stress).
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RTC Bike Map

Find bicycle paths and trails, work stations, retail shops, RTC Bike Share locations, and more on this interactive map.
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Bike Ped Crashes

Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes 

Map of all non-motorized serious and fatal crashes in Southern Nevada from 2013 to 2017.
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Interactive Project Map


Community Engagement Toolkit

Collection of resources for advancing public participation and conducting community engagement, both in-person and online/virtual. Visit the Southern Nevada Strong Engagement Toolkit.

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