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Rider Alerts

Current Detours

Route 105, 206, 207: Overnight bus stop closures March 28, April 5, April 20 and April 27 Mar 23rd, 2017Apr 27th, 2017

Due to scheduled overnight road closures, several bus stops on Route 105, 206 and 207 will be closed during overnight hours (7 p.m. – 6 a.m.) on March 28, April 5, April 20 and April 27:

Route 105 Northbound

  • Stop Number 69 - Bonneville @ Grand Central (W)

  • Stop Number 1635 - MLK @ Alta (N)

  • Stop Number 1674 - MLK @ Walker Furniture (N)

  • Temporary stop will be set up on NB Grand Central, far side Bonneville


Route 105 Southbound

  • Stop Number 1672 - MLK @ Metro Plaza (S)

  • Stop Number: 78 - Bonneville @ Martin Luther King (E)


Route 206 Westbound

  • Stop Number 69 - Bonneville @ Grand Central (W)

  • Stop Number 6331 - Alta @ Martin Luther King (W)

  • Stop Number 6332 - Shadow @ Alta (S)

  • Stop Number 5714 - Shadow @ Valley Hospital (S)


Route 206 Eastbound

  • Stop Number 6333 - Shadow @ Hastings (N)

  • Stop Number 5713 - Shadow @ Pinto (N)

  • Stop Number 5715 - Alta @ Shadow (E)

  • Stop Number 78 - Bonneville @ Martin Luther King (E)

  • Temporary stop will be set up on EB Charleston, just east of Shadow


Route 207 Westbound

  • Stop Number 69 - Bonneville @ Grand Central (W)

  • Stop Number 5434 - MLK @ Alta (S)

  • Stop Number 3584 - Pinto @ Lied Rehab (W)

  • Stop Number 5714 - Shadow @ Valley Hospital (S)


Route 207 Eastbound

  • Stop Number 5713 - Shadow @ Pinto (N)

  • Stop Number 5715 - Alta @ Shadow (E)

  • Stop Number 78 - Bonneville @ Martin Luther King (E)

Daily Detours Mar 14th, 2017Jan 31st, 2018

Abbreviations Used

BOR – Back on route                                           SB – Southbound

Cont. - Continue                                                   Temp - Temporary

EB – Eastbound                                                    WB – Westbound

FS – Farside (Past the intersection)                  BTC – Bonneville Transit Center

Lt – Left                                                                   BHX – Boulder Highway Express

LVB – Las Vegas Blvd.                                         CX – Centennial Express

NB – Northbound                                                 DVX – Downtown & Veteran’s Medical Express

NS – Nearside (Before the Intersection)        HDX – Henderson Downtown Express

ROW – Right of Way                                            SDX – Strip to Downtown Express

Rt – Right                                                               SX – Sahara Express

CHTC - Centennial Hills Transit Center

*See end of document for Route 105 special event detour.


101 (NB) Rainbow - When changing into 219E  turning Rt from Rainbow onto Lone Mtn.  - North End Layover is closed, (Temp Layover) on EB Lone Mtn, FS Funny's driveway, BOR.

101 (SB) Rainbow - SB Rainbow NS Sunset is closed. (Temp Stop) FS Sunset, after the cones clear.

Route  104  Valley View/Arville -From layover point at the north end the bus stop is on NB Tenaya before Cheyenne across from PT’s Brewing Company. Leaving the layover point, the stop on EB Cheyenne, FS Tenaya is serviced on the SB trip.

106 - Rancho –NB - There is a Temp Stop NB Rancho, NS Holly, which is the stop after Vegas Dr.

106A (SB) Rancho - The stops on Grand Montecito FS Rome and NS Centennial are closed. Temp stop EB Centennial FS Grand Montecito.

106A (SB) Rancho - The stop on Grand Montecito after Centennial is closed. From Centennial Center before Grand Montecito, temp stop, then right on Grand Montecito, BOR.

108 - Main -NB - Starting at 7 p.m. until further notice - From St. Louis, Rt LVB (Use FS St Louis & NS Oakey stops), Lt 4th (Use FS LVB stop), Lt Colorado, Rt 3rd St,  Lt Charleston, Rt Main BOR.

108 - Main NB - On Monday Feb. 27 2017, the NB Paradise FS Sahara will be closed permanently. Please use the 108 stop at the Monorail, NS Sahara on Paradise.

108 - Main -SB: From Main, Lt Charleston (Temp stop is at FS Main ), Rt LVB (Use FS Oakey stop), Lt St. Louis BOR.

108 - Main NB -  Continuous Until Further Notice: NB Main FS LVB stop closed (Dennys), use the Deuce stop by St Louis Square.

109 Maryland Parkway – From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon. thru Fri: NB Only- From Maryland, Lt Charleston (service FS temp stop) Rt Gass (service FS 9th and FS LVB temp stops) Rt 1st, Rt Garces, Lt BTC. The NB Maryland NS Charleston stop is also closed during this time. Please use the NS Francis stop.

109 - Until further notice-NB: From the SSTT, Rt Gillespie, Rt Hidden Wells, Lt LVB, Lt George Crockett, merge Lt onto the EB I-215 entrance, merge right to the McCarran Airport Connector, BOR.

110 Eastern - Bus stops Permanently closed: SB , FS Carey, NB FS Las Vegas Blvd.

113 - Las Vegas Blvd North - Due to circumstances beyond the RTC’s control, the stop at O’Callaghan Hospital is temporarily closed for an undetermined timeframe.  NB LVB – Left on Nellis, right on Craig, right on LVB (BOR), the temporary layover will be located at the Jack-in-box.

113 Las Vegas Blvd North- NB - FS Lamont stop closed until further notice, use next stop on NB Nellis FS LVB near McDonald's .

113 (SB) Las Vegas Blvd SB FS Nellis stop closed. SB FS Lamont stop has reopened.

 117 WB Silverado Ranch – There is a temp stop on WB Silverado Ranch, FS Pollock due to an accident taking out the regular bus stop sign.

206 (WB) Charleston - FS MLK Stop is closed, The Temp Stop is two light poles west.

The 206 West End Layover will be temporarily relocated to the NB Pavilion Center FS Griffith Peak bus stop due to construction near the intersection of Pavilion Center & Summerlin Center. Vehicles will use first roundabout to turn around. Vehicle will standby at the SB Pavilion Center FS Charleston bus stop only if another coach is using the Temp Layover.

206 (EB) Charleston - NS 17th Street stop is closed due to construction. FS Bruce stop is open.

207 Alta/Stewart –WB - From WB Alta at MLK, Cont. West across MLK, Temp Stop FS Desert Ln, Lt Shadow Ln, BOR.

208 Washington - WB - After 1 p.m. - From WB Clark after serving stop FS 9th St, Lt 7th St, Rt Garces, BOR.

212 - Sunset - Until further notice - WB: from Sunset (There is no bus stop FS Paradise. Use the FS Escondido stop for the Post Office), Lt Bermuda, (Temp Stop on FS Sunset ), Rt Hidden Well, Rt Gilespie, Lt SSTT BOR.

212 -Sunset -WB: There is no bus stop on Galleria NS Gibson (Cowabunga Bay) due to road work.

214 -H/D - Between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. from BTC, Rt Garces, Rt 1st St., Lt Bonneville, Rt Main, BOR.

218 - Cheyenne - EB -Cheyenne FS Englestad stop is closed. (Temp Stop) stop two light poles to the east.

218- Cheyenne - There is construction on WB Cheyenne around Pecos that is causing, at times, significant delays. Please note that your commute could be affected.

219 Craig Rd. - EB – The West End Layover is closed, there is a temp layover on EB Lone Mtn, FS Funny’s driveway, BOR

BHX – Boulder Highway Express – NB- Boulder Hwy, NS Missouri bus stop closed, use bus stop at FS Missouri.

CX - Centennial Express (SB) - At SB Casino Center NS Fremont, if a bus is already at the stop the CX bus will wait until the other vehicle departs before pulling forward to service the stop.

CX - Centennial Express (NB) - 7 p.m. until 6 a.m.  If Casino Center on-ramp is closed: From NB 4th to Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Cont. and veer right to Bonanza, Rt Bonanza, Rt LVB, Rt onto US-95, BOR

CX – SB – Until further notice: After departing from CHTC, vehicle will turn all the way around at the roundabout to face east on Ace Blvd, Lt Grand Montecito, Lt Oso Blanca, Rt Durango, Rt onto US-95 SB, BOR.

DVX – NB 7:00 P.M. – 6:00 A.M.: If the ramp onto Casino Center is closed, from NB 4th to Veterans Memorial, Cont. and veer Rt toward Bonanza, Lt Bonanza, Rt Main, Lt Washington, Rt onto I-15 NB, BOR.

HDX - NB - Until Further Notice: From Utah, Lt Wyoming (Use temp stops at  FS Utah and NS California), Lt Nevada Way BOR.

WAX (SB) - At SB Casino Center NS Fremont, if a bus is already at the stop the bus will wait until that vehicle departs before pulling forward to service the stop.

WAX (SB) From SB Casino Center FS Stewart, IF the Light Show is in effect, the vehicle must wait until it ends, there is no detour.

SDX NB (Strip to Downtown Express)

Continuous Until Further Notice:

SDX - Strip to Downtown Express - NB: From St Louis, Rt LVB (Service FS St Louis Deuce temp stop.), Lt 4th St, Lt Colorado, Rt 3rd St. BOR.

SDX - NB Main FS LVB stop closed (Dennys). Use the Deuce stop on LVB by St Louis Square.

SDX - SB- From Casino Center, after Coolidge, Lt Charleston, Rt LVB, Lt St. Louis BOR.

SX– Sahara Express - WB - Monday thru Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. only : WB: From Lake Mead (Route will service NS Betty temp stop) Rt Betty, Lt Carey, Lt Nellis BOR. This is due to construction work being done on Lake Mead. Regular routing on weekends and the hours not indicated. This is until further notice.

Fremont Street Light Show Detours Occur Daily during hours the light show operates:

SDX -Northbound

5:45 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. - North on Casino Center

Stop at NS Carson on Casino Center (This is the stop for the Fremont Light Show & downtown casinos. To return to the Strip use the Strip to Downtown Express at the station located at Binions on 4th St. north of Fremont  St .)

Right - Carson, Left - 4th, Left Ogden BOR

SDX - Southbound  (Except for First Fridays)

1745 - 2410 - East on Ogden, Right on Casino Center BOR.

There are no Temp Stops on SB Detour. Back-up detour if Casino Center is blocked:

Lt Main, Rt Stewart, Rt Casino Center BOR

Special Event Detour - Route 105

Due to the road closures on Martin Luther King Blvd (MLK) and US 95, there will be a detour on Route 105. The closures start Friday at 10 p.m.- March 24th , and end at 6:00 a.m. Monday, March 27th .  Shuttles will transfer passengers needing to access areas in the detoured area.

Route 105 - Martin Luther King Blvd (MLK) -NB - From MLK after servicing a temp stop near side Symphony Pkwy, R-on Symphony, Lt-Grand Central, Lt-City Pkwy, Lt-Bonanza, Rt-MLK, BOR.

Route 105 - SB detour is reversed.

There will be a shuttle that will pick up passengers from EB Bonanza at MLK along the construction barriers (facing east) and transport to the other side of the US-95 freeway using EB Bonanza, SB City Parkway, SB Grand Central, WB on Symphony Parkway, NB MLK to a temp stop located on WB Mineral across the street from Ashley’s Furniture store.

Returning: Starting at WB from the temp bus stop located on WB Mineral across the street from Ashley’s Furniture Store, travel to the North side of US 95 in this manner: SB MLK, EB Symphony Pkwy, NB Grand Central, NB City Parkway, WB Bonanza, SB MLK and will turn into the construction area to face EB on Bonanza at MLK along the construction barriers.