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Rider Alerts

Heat Notice

Due to extreme weather temperatures and doors opening and closing, the temperature inside the vehicle is typically 20 degrees cooler than outside. Air conditioning systems used on all RTC transit vehicles are the best available in the industry and we continue to work diligently to maintain them for your comfort.

Effective December 8, 2015 at 8 a.m., the Route 121 north end layover will be permanently relocated to southbound Buffalo just north of (before) Cheyenne.  As a result, the service times at stops 3727 (southbound Buffalo just south of Gowan) & 3728 (southbound Buffalo just south of Delhi) will change.  Please use the northbound Timepoint A plus two (2) to four (4) minutes as the new estimated service times at these stops.

Current Detours

Route 109 Detour (Airport Area) Revised Oct 19th, 2015Oct 31st, 2016

Due to a Route 109 – Maryland Parkway detour associated with road

construction, transit stops along George Crockett Road will not be served

until approximately April 2016. Alternative service is located along

Warm Springs Road (Route 217) and along Gilespie Street

(Routes 109, 117 and 217).



Tue. Oct 20th,  2015 through at least Apr 16th,  2016 at 1am 

Route 109 NB:


From the SSTT

Right Gilespie,

Right Hidden Wells

from the rightmost left hand turn lane - Left Las Vegas Blvd

Merge left to the rightmost left hand turn lane - Left George Crockett

Merge Left onto the EB I-215 entrance

Merge right onto the McCarran Airport Connector


Abbreviations Used:

BOR – Back on route