Rider Alerts & Detours

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Rider Alerts

For the next several months, major underground work at Sunset and Eastern and at Warm Springs and Eastern will cause delays on both Route 212-Sunset and 217-Warm Springs.  Service will operate the regular route and serve stops that are accessible in the area. We urge you to allow extra time for your commute.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Current Detours

SX-B Detour along Vegas Valley 5PM Saturday March 28th through 5PM Sunday March 29th Mar 26th, 2015Mar 30th, 2015

Due to sewer work along Vegas Valley between Cabana and Tree Line, the roadway will be closed and SX-B Eastbound must go on detour.  The following routing will take place between 5PM Saturday March 28th and 5PM Sunday March 29th:

From Vegas Valley and Nellis

Left Nellis (stop at Route 115 stop)

Right Sahara
Right Tree Line

Left Vegas Valley

Back on Route


The three stops between Nellis and Cabana on Vegas Valley will not be served and passengers must use the stop on northbound Nellis after Vegas Valley.

Route 212-Sunset Eastbound ONLY Detour Starting Wed. March 25th Mar 24th, 2015Apr 30th, 2015

Effective Wednesday March 25th, for the next 4 weeks, due to significant construction at the intersection of Sunset Road and Eastern Ave, Route 212 Eastbound buses will use the following detour:

Left Eastern (Serve Route 110 stop)

Right Chandler

Right McLeod

Left Sunset

Back on Route
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Route 119 Simmons/Koval Detour UPDATED ROUTING Mar 11th, 2015Jun 30th, 2015

DETOUR HAS BEEN MODIFIED: Beginning at 5AM tomorrow, March 23rd and lasting for approximately two to three months, the Route 119-Simmons/Koval route will need to be on detour.  Craig Road will be open in both directions, but Simmons will not be accessible north of Craig.  Therefore, the 119 will be on detour.

The following routing will be in place:


From Simmons and Alexander

Right Alexander

Left Clayton (Transfers to Route 219-Craig should take place at this intersection)

Left Lone Mountain

Right Simmons

Back on Route



From Lone Mtn and Simmons:
Left Lone Mountain
Right Clayton (transfer to Route 219 at Clayton and Craig)

Right Alexander

Left Simmons

Back on Route



Route 106 Detour at Rancho and Cheyenne due to Construction UPDATED ROUTING Feb 23rd, 2015Apr 6th, 2015

Effective Monday February 23, due to long term road construction along Rancho Drive near Cheyenne, Route 106 southbound buses will be detoured.

Route 106 southbound is detoured as follows:

Right Michael Way (serve temporary stop after Rancho)
Left Cheyenne (serve Route 218 eastbound stop)

Right Decatur

Left Rancho

Back on Route

We apologize for the inconvenience.




Construction on Route 217-Warm Springs to impact service beginning Feb. 11th Feb 5th, 2015May 31st, 2015

From Wednesday February 11th through the end of May 2015, construction along Warm Springs Road in both directions between Eastern and Spencer will impact service.  The bus stop on westbound Warm Springs after Eastern will need to be closed due to the construction at this location and a temporary stop will be placed on westbound Warm Springs just after Topaz (east of Eastern).  Passengers will not be able to get on or off the bus at Eastern but will need to use a stop that will be in place at Topaz.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Route 218 Eastbound Detour and Bus Stop Closures begin Wed. Feb. 4th Feb 2nd, 2015May 31st, 2015

Due to construction at Cheyenne and Durango for a long term project, 4 stops for Route 218 eastbound will not be served due to lane closures that will require a detour for this route:

Effective Wednesday February 4th and continuing for the next 3-5 months, City of Las Vegas sewer pipe work will require the detour of Route 218 Eastbound, as well as the closure of 4 bus stops.  The following bus stops will not be served:

Southbound Durango after Gowan (Passengers should use the Route 120 stop on eastbound Gowan after Cheyenne)

Southbound Durango at Majestic Valley (Passengers should use the Route 120 stop on eastbound Gowan after Cheyenne)

Eastbound Cheyenne after Rampart (Passengers should use the temporary stop on southbound Soaring Gulls before Cheyenne)

Eastbound Cheyenne after Soaring Gulls (Passengers should use the temporary stop on southbound Soaring Gulls before Cheyenne)

The 218 east will be on the following  detour:
Continue east on Gowan, south on Cimarron, right on Soaring Gulls, then east on Cheyenne.

Westbound 218 will not be on detour but could be delayed due to all traffic operating on the north side of the street.

Routes 103 and 106 impacted by construction at Rancho and Decatur Oct 13th, 2014Mar 31st, 2015

Due to a City of Las Vegas widening project at Rancho and Decatur, Routes 103 and 106 are impacted by either detours, or delays and bus stop closures.


Route 103 northbound is on detour in the area.  The bus stop on northbound Rancho before Decatur has been moved to the Route 106 bus stop on Rancho between Cheyenne and Decatur.
Route 103 will continue on Rancho, then make a right on Cheyenne and a left on Decatur to resume regular routing.

Route 106 is not on detour.  As construction continues, other stops may be impacted and temporary stops will need to be established.  Route 103 southbound will most likely have to detour at some point but that date has not been determined.

Please allow additional time for travel in the area as well as on both routes as delays are possible particularly during evening rush hour.

Construction is expected to last until end of January 2015.