Rider Alerts & Detours

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For more information, please call RTC customer service office: (702) 228- RIDE (7433).

Rider Alerts

Saturday schedule on Martin L. King, Jr. Day and Presidents Day

RTC fixed routes will operate Saturday route schedules on Martin L. King, Jr. Day (Monday, Jan. 15, 2018) and Presidents Day (Monday, Feb. 19, 2018). The BTC customer service sales booth will be CLOSED on both days. Riders are encouraged to purchase passes via the rideRTC transit app, at Ticket Vending Machines or on board transit vehicles.

Current Detours

Daily Detours Jan 8th, 2018Dec 31st, 2018

Abbreviations Used

BOR – Back on route                                           SB – Southbound

Cont. - Continue                                                   Temp - Temporary

EB – Eastbound                                                    WB – Westbound

FS – Farside (Past the intersection)                 BTC – Bonneville Transit Center

Lt – Left                                                                  BHX – Boulder Highway Express

LVB – Las Vegas Blvd.                                        CX – Centennial Express

NB – Northbound                                                DVX – Downtown & Veteran’s Medical Express

NS – Nearside (Before the Intersection)        HDX – Henderson Downtown Express

ROW – Right of Way                                           SDX – Strip to Downtown Express

Rt – Right                                                               SX – Sahara Express

CHTC - Centennial Hills Transit Center

Detours are updated regularly. Please check for updates.


*See End of document for Special Events - None


Bus Stop ID 6523 at NB Main FS Fremont is closed. This is a long term closure. There is a temp stop on NB Main, one light pole North of Carson.

105 (NB) MLK - The layover is now at the end of the northbound trip facing north on N. 5th St, just past Rome Blvd, in front of the 7-11 where the bus stop sign is.

105 (NB) MLK - Until January 15th at 12:00pm (noon) the stop at NB MLF FS Alta will be closed due to Project Neon. There will be a temp stop located two (2) light poles northof the existing cut-out.

106 (NB) Rancho - From  NB Main, Temp Stop NS Fremont. Fremont St stop is closed until further notice.

NOTICE: There is construction on Main from Carson to Stewart. There will be lane shifts and closed stops.

108 - Crane work at the airport (zero level) is scheduled for one night, Tuesday night, January 16th into the morning of Wednesday, January 17th from midnight - 0800. The RTC bus stop will still be serviceable but from the other side of the existing barriers (limo side)

108 - Paradise -NB - Until further notice - From St. Louis, Rt LVB (Please use FS St Louis & NS Oakey stops), Lt 4th (Use FS LVB  and FS Charleston temp stops), Lt Clark, Lt Casino Ctr to BTC, BOR.

108 - Paradise -SB: From BTC, cont. Casino Ctr, Lt Charleston (Temp stop is at FS 3rd), Rt LVB (Please use FS Oakey stop), Lt St. Louis BOR.

108 -Paradise NB -  Continuous Until Further Notice: NB Main FS LVB stop closed (Dennys), please use the Deuce stop by St Louis Square.

111 (NB) Pecos  -  The bus stop NB Pecos, FS Callahan (after stop FS Patrick) has been reopened.

113 (NB) Las Vegas Blvd - FOR TRIPS LEAVING BTC BETWEEN 8:50PM AND 5:30AM: From NB LVB, Continue across Nellis to (Temp Layover) NS Craig, In front of Dotty's

113 (SB) Las Vegas Blvd - From Temp Layover, Lt Craig, Lt Nellis, Rt LVB, BOR - This does not apply to trips that have a time point at the O'Callaghan Hospital.

115 (NB) Nellis - NB FS Cheyenne, FS Dunes, FS Nellis Oasis, FS Gowan, Desert Winds and NS LVB  stops are closed. Use (Temp Stop) NS "I" St. The I St stop is the only stop between Cheyenne and LVB.

115 (NB) Nellis - UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: From NB Nellis after Gowan, Rt LVB, (Temp Stop) NS Craig, Lt Craig to (Temp Layover) between Aviation Inn and The Rubix. Follow 115 SB

115 (SB) Nellis - From Temp Stop: Lt Nellis, BOR

203 (SB) Spring Mtn/D.I./Lamb - The bus stop SB Lamb, NS Lake Mead will be closed for approximately (1) one month. Use Temp Stops as posted.

206 (WB) Charleston - The west end layover is the southernmost bus stop/shelter before the traffic light at Summerlin Centre Dr.

207 (EB/WB) Alta/Stewart  - Goldring Ave has been renamed Wellness Way.

207 (EB) Alta/Stewart - From NB Main, there is a Temp Stop - NS Fremont.  The Fremont St stop is closed until further notice.

NOTICE: There is construction on Main from Carson to Stewart. There will be lane shifts and closed stops.

208 (WB) Washington - From NB Main there is a Temp Stop NS Fremont. The regular Fremont St stop is closed.

208 (WB) Washington - From WB Washington before MLK, (Temp Stop) The next stop will be FS Tonopah due to construction.

208 (EB/WB) Washington - There is construction on Main St. from Carson to Stewart and on Washington between MLK and Robin. There will be lane shifts and closed stops. The stop SB Main FS Ogden is closed, please service (Temp Stop) FS Stewart

209 (EB/WB) Vegas/Owens - UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Please use caution near MLK. There are lane restrictions due to construction. The stop EB Owens FS MLK is closed, please service the Temp Stop that is located two light poles past the stop

210 (WB) Lake Mead - The bus stop WB Lake Mead FS Lamb will be closed for approximately one (1) month. Please use Temp Stops as posted.

214 – H/D St - Leaving BTC  from NB Main there is a temporary stop at NS Fremont. The Fremont St stop is closed until further notice.

NOTICE: There is construction on Main from Carson to Stewart. There will be lane shifts and closed stops.

217 – Warm Springs/Downtown Henderson - There is a new bus stop EB Basic NS Lynn. Also the bus stop at NB Water, NS Army has been moved back across Atlantic, North of Basic. This is a time point.

217 - Warm Springs/Downtown Henderson - New bus stop EB Basic NS Lynn. Also bus stop NB Water NS Army has been moved back across Atlantic, North of Basic. This is a time point.

WB Center FS Dogwood is closed. Please go forward to Ivy. Ivy & Maple are serviceable.

218 (WB) Cheyenne - UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: The bus stop WB Cheyenne FS Nellis is closed. Please service the Temp Stop located four (4) poles west of closed stop


BHX – Boulder Highway Express

BHX (NB): If during the NB trip the driver is not able to make the Lt turn from WB Fremont onto 8th St, the route will proceed to a Lt on 7th, Rt Carson BOR.


CX - Centennial Express

CX SB - PROJECT NEON (I-15S RAMP)"  FROM 9 PM UNTIL 6 AM: From SB Grand Central after LV Premium Outlets, Rt Charleston, Lt Rancho, Continue across Sahara onto I-15 South on-ramp, BOR


Deuce: MONDAY  THRU FRIDAY, FROM 8:00 AM UNTIL 5:00PM Until the project is completed on the corner of Carson & 3rd, the Deuces are placed on a minor detour. The bus stop EB Carson FS Casino Center will be closed during this time


DVX - Downtown Veterans Medical Express - NO DETOURS AT THIS TIME


HDX- Henderson Downtown Express -As part of the I-11 project the traffic set-up near RR Pass has changed. The impact is that southbound traffic is shifted over to the new I-11 alignment and RR Pass will not be accessible to southbound traffic.

The Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino stop will only be serviced from the northbound HDX. 

Riders heading south trying to access Railroad pass must ride through Boulder City and continue on until the bus heads back north and services the stop.

Going from Railroad Pass to Boulder City customers will need to travel north to the Nevada State College stop, exit and board a southbound bus

This set-up will be in place for several months.


SDX - Strip to Downtown Express

Until Further Notice- WB Ogden NS Main bus stop closed due to single lane.

SDX (NB) - Continuing on Casino Center past Ogden & Stewart, Lt Bonanza, Lt Main, Rt Ogden BOR

SDX (SB) - From Ogden, Lt Main, Rt Stewart, Rt Casino Center BOR.

SDX - The EB Ogden, FS Main bus stop has been removed due to the Las Vegas Club renovation work. Overnight routes will layover WB Stewart, FS 4th at the 207 bus stop (Mob Museum).

SDX (SB) - From Casino Center, after Coolidge, Lt Charleston, Rt LVB, Lt St. Louis BOR.

SDX (NB) - From St Louis, Rt LVB (Servicing FS St Louis Deuce temp stop.), Lt 4th St, Lt Colorado, Rt 3rd St. BOR.

SDX (NB) Main, FS LVB stop is closed (Dennys). Please use the Deuce stop on LV Blvd by St Louis Square.

Fremont Street Light Show Detours Occur Daily during hours the light show operates:

SDX (NB) - 5:45 PM until 30 minutes after Midnight - from north on Casino Center, Servicing stop NS Carson - (This is the stop for the Fremont Light Show & downtown casinos. To return to the Strip take the Strip to Downtown Express at the station located at Binions.) Rt Carson, Lt 4th St, Lt Ogden BOR.

SDX (SB): 5:45 PM until 10 minutes after Midnight -  From Ogden, Lt Main, Rt Stewart, Rt Casino Center, BOR (Except for First Fridays).


SX - Sahara Express

The transit stop/layover on NB Pavilion Center FS Summerlin Centre is now open. Temp stop will be in place until permanent signs are installed.


WAX - Westcliff Airport Express

WAX (SB) - At SB Casino Center NS Fremont, if a bus is already at the stop the bus will wait until that vehicle departs before pulling forward to service the stop.

WAX (SB) From SB Casino Center FS Stewart, IF the Light Show is in effect, the vehicle must wait until it ends, there is no detour.

WAX (EB/SB) - If the trip starts from Suncoast  AFTER 5:30 PM: From SB Casino Center after Stewart, service FS stewart bus stop, Lt Ogden, Rt LVB, Rt Carson, Lt 3rd St, BOR

WAX SB - PROJECT NEON (I-15S RAMP)"  UNTIL 6 AM AND AGAIN AT 9:00 AM: From SB Grand Central after LV Premium Outlets, Rt Charleston, Lt Rancho, Continue across Sahara onto I-15 South on-ramp, BOR


SPECIAL EVENT DETOURS - None at this time