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Rider Alerts

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl

Route 601/602 Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl Service Saturday, December 20, 2014 Route 601 Service: 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Route 602 Service: 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Service Change 10/26/2014 All routes except 201 and WAX have changed. ROUTE CHANGES: 102, 108, 206, 208, 218, 219, Deuce on the Strip (Deuce), Henderson Downtown Express (HDX), & Sahara Express (SX) EARLY MORNING OR LATE NIGHT TRIPS ADDED: 102, 104, 105, 117, 203, & 219 FREQUENCY INCREASES: 102 (Sunday afternoons) 103 (Evenings) 104 (Weekday mornings) 105 (Weekday afternoons, evenings) 106 (Sunday mornings) 109 (Overnight) 113 (Overnight) 115 (Weekday mornings) 117 (Weekday mid-day, Sunday afternoons, evenings) 119 (Weekday mornings) 203 (Sunday mornings) 208 (Weekday mornings) 210 (Evenings, late nights) 212 (Weekday mid-day, Saturday afternoons) 218 (Weekday daytime, Saturday afternoons) 219 (Saturday late mornings & afternoons, Sunday afternoons) Downtown & Veterans Medical Center Express (DVX) (Weekend daytime, evenings)

Effective today, a new bus stop has been installed on northbound Decatur farisde Tropical to be closer to the retail in the area.  The stop that was nearside Tropical will be closed.

Current Detours

Route 115 north end south end layovers moving effective Sunday October 26th Oct 23rd, 2014Dec 31st, 2014

Effecive with the October 26th service changes, the Route 115-Nellis/Stephanie will have two layover changes:

At the north end, the existing layover on southbound Las Vegas Blvd. adjacent to Wal Mart will move to the Route 113/MAX stop.  The route will still serve the stop at Wal Mart, but the layover will be at the stop north of that location.
For Route 115 shortened trips that end at Tropicana and Nellis, the layover will no longer be after the loop on northbound Nellis after Tropicana, but rather before the loop on southbound Nellis farside Tropicana next to the Fresh n Easy.  Service along Russell and Mountain Vista will be served as part of the northbound Route 115 trip.

Routes 103 and 106 impacted by construction at Rancho and Decatur Oct 13th, 2014Mar 31st, 2015

Due to a City of Las Vegas widening project at Rancho and Decatur, Routes 103 and 106 are impacted by either detours, or delays and bus stop closures.


Route 103 northbound is on detour in the area.  The bus stop on northbound Rancho before Decatur has been moved to the Route 106 bus stop on Rancho between Cheyenne and Decatur.
Route 103 will continue on Rancho, then make a right on Cheyenne and a left on Decatur to resume regular routing.

Route 106 is not on detour.  As construction continues, other stops may be impacted and temporary stops will need to be established.  Route 103 southbound will most likely have to detour at some point but that date has not been determined.

Please allow additional time for travel in the area as well as on both routes as delays are possible particularly during evening rush hour.

Construction is expected to last until end of January 2015.



Main St. Detours – Revised due to changes in construction patterns Aug 6th, 2014Dec 31st, 2014

NEW Main Street Construction Detours


Abbreviations Used:

BOR – Back on route

Cont. - Continue

EB – Eastbound

FS – Farside

Lt – Left

LVB – Las Vegas Blvd.

NB – Northbound

NS – Nearside

ROW – Right of Way

Rt – Right

SB – Southbound

WB – Westbound

106 SB; 214; 208 EB in to BTC:

From Bonneville/Main to BTC:  Continue east on Bonneville, Rt LVB, Rt Carson (stop FS LVB & temp stop FS 3rd), Lt Casino Ctr, Rt Clark, follow left in to BTC.

106 NB; 214 FROM BTC:

Lt Garces, Lt Casino Ctr, Rt Carson (stop FS), Lt 4th (do not service FS Carson-service FS Stewart), Bear Right to Veterans Memorial, Lt Bonanza, BOR.



Rt Bonneville, Lt Casino Ctr, Rt Carson, Lt 4th (stay to  left), Lt Ogden, Rt Casino Ctr (temp stop), Rt Stewart BOR.

207 WB in to BTC

From Stewart: Lt Casino Ctr (stop FS Stewart), Lt Ogden, Rt LVB, Rt Carson, Lt Casino Ctr, Rt Garces, Rt in to BTC.



Rt Garces, Rt First, Rt Bonneville, Lt Casino Ctr, Rt Carson (FS Stop), Lt 4th (do not service FS Carson, service FS Stewart), Bear Rt to Veterans Memorial, Lt Bonanza, Rt Main BOR.





Route 206 stop moved at westbound Charleston at Valley View Jul 10th, 2014Dec 31st, 2014

Effective immediately, the Route 206 stop located on westbound Charleston after Valley View (in front of Sonio's Restaurant) has been moved to before Valley View in the right turn lane.  The shelter for the old stop will be removed as soon as possible as a new shelter has been installed at the new location.