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More Service, More Routes, More Frequency


The RTC is proposing to reinstate weekday schedules, expand the current service area, extend routes, increase bus frequency, and introduce new routes and a new on-demand transit service.


Share your feedback through a brief survey below by Monday, May 31, for a chance to win a gift card or receive a 24-hour transit pass! New winners will be chosen every week.

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You can also join us at one of the public meetings to learn more and provide your feedback.


YouTube Public Meeting
Wednesday, April 28 – 7:30-9 a.m. and 5:30-7 p.m.
RTC YouTube Channel

Transportation Access Advisory Committee (TAAC)
Wednesday, May 26 – 1:30-3 p.m.
RTC YouTube Channel


Wednesday, May 5 – 7-9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.
Bonneville Transit Center (BTC)
101 E. Bonneville Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Step 1. Review proposed changes
Step 2. View interactive map
Step 3. Take a brief survey and provide your comment
Step 4. Review resources

Step 1. Review service change details

Review transit service change details below. Please click to expand each section below for specific details.

The RTC is proposing the creation of the following routes and zone:

  • Route 220 (Ann/Tropical)
    • Traveling east-west across the northern end of the service area, and terminating in the I-15 North & Speedway industrial/warehousing area
  • Route 221 (Cactus/Horizon Ridge/Boulder City)
    • Serving Cactus & Mountain’s Edge area, traveling east-west across the southern end of the service area, and continuing to NV State College & Boulder City (replaces Route 402)
  • Microtransit Zone (Southwest/West Henderson)
    • Implement new on-demand zone to serve remaining transit gaps and supplement fixed-route for short trips

The RTC is making routing adjustments to the following routes:

  • Route 101 – (Rainbow)
    • Extend south to Blue Diamond Road
  • Route 102 (Jones)
    • Extend south to Wigwam Avenue
  • Route 103 (Decatur)
    • Extend south to Blue Diamond Road
    • Extend north to Grand Teton, with a loop to Jones Boulevard, serving the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Routes 105 (Martin L. King)
      • Modify Northbound routing to use Tropical Pkwy. instead of Ann Road, in combination with launch of new Route 220, to maximize two-way service.
  • Route 119 (Simmons / Koval)
    • Modify route between Sahara & Spring Mtn. to use Sammy Davis Jr. instead of I-15, providing access to Resorts World, Circus Circus, & other destinations.
  • Route 120 (Fort Apache)
    • Extend south to Blue Diamond Road
  • Route 121 (Durango)
    • Extend south to Blue Diamond Road
  • Route 122 (S. Maryland Parkway/West Henderson)
    • With the addition of new Route 221 (Cactus/Horizon Ridge/Boulder City), Route 122 will be adjusted to serve the West Henderson area (St. Rose Pkwy., M Resort area, Raiders Way, etc.)
  • Centennial Express (CX)
    • Extend northwest to Skye Canyon area after serving Centennial Hills Transit Center (CHTC), in combination with new Route 220
  • Downtown & Veterans Medical Center Express (DVX)
    • Modify northbound routing in combination with launch of new Route 220, to maximize more convenient two-way service.
  • Route 119 (Simmons/Koval)
    • Increase Saturday afternoon and late morning frequency to every 30 minutes (currently once an hour on weekends)
  • Route 203 (Spring Mountain/Desert Inn/Lamb)
    • Increase Saturday morning frequency to every 20 minutes (currently every 30 minutes).
    • Increase Sunday afternoon frequency to every 20 minutes (currently every 30 minutes).
    • Start every 20 minute weekday frequency earlier in the morning by adding one additional trip in each direction.
  • Route 207 (Alta/Stewart)
    • Restore weekend service
  • Route 209 (Vegas/Owens)
    • Restore weekend service
  • Route 210 (Lake Mead)
    • Increase Saturday daytime frequency to every 20 minutes (currently every 30 minutes during morning hours & every 25 minutes during afternoon hours)

The RTC is proposing to make additional changes:

  • Route 206 (Charleston)
    • As part of RTC’s effort to improve speed of service through innovation, this route will be redesigned to offer trips that make fewer stops during weekday hours from approx.6 a.m. to 6 p.m., reducing travel times by up to 25%. These added trips will operate every 20 minutes, while trips making all stops will also operate every 20 minutes, providing up to every 10 minute service (a 50% increase in frequency) at stops served by all trips.
    • Bus stops west of Rainbow & east of Nellis will be reduced to every 20 minute frequency. Trips serving these areas will serve major stops only in between Rainbow & Nellis to make trips faster.
    • Some bus stops that are near other stops or are very low ridership will be eliminated or relocated, to help improve speed of service for all customers. This will affect less than 5% of customers along the route.
  • Route 402 (Henderson/Boulder City)
    • To provide more direct connections to Boulder City & CSN Henderson from a larger portion of the Valley, Route 402 will be partially replaced by new Route 221 to Railroad Pass, Boulder City, CSN Henderson, and along Horizon Drive. Other portions of the current Route 402, north of Horizon Drive, will not be replaced. But, service will remain available via other routes at or near all stops along the current Route 402.

Minor timing changes

  • Route 104 (Valley View)
  • Route 106 (Rancho/Centennial Hills)
  • Route 117 (Las Vegas Blvd. South/Silverado Ranch)
  • Route 201 (Tropicana)

Step 2. View map of changes

To help better visualize proposed changes, please view the map below. Please note that only routes with routing changes or extensions are shown.

Step 3. Complete a brief survey and provide your comment

In order to be entered into a raffle for a gift card or to receive a 24-hour transit pass, you must provide your email address at the end of the survey below. The survey and comment period will remain open until Monday, May 31.

Thank you for reviewing the proposed service change information, the survey has ended. For additional information or if you have any additional questions please use our online contact form

Step 4. Review resources

To better help understand the service change, please view or download any of the documents below.

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