UZURV Rideshare

RTC’s Paratransit contractor has partnered with the rideshare company, UZURV, to provide an added mobility option that will complement the ADA paratransit service. Riders who opt-in can expect either an RTC paratransit vehicle or a UZURV private vehicle to arrive during your scheduled pickup window for your paratransit ride.

Program Details

While UZURV may not be directly requested, it can be used as a way to supplement paratransit rides.

If a UZURV vehicle is selected for your ride, you will receive a text from the RTC advising that your trip was moved. You will receive a follow up text from UZURV with trip, vehicle, and driver details. The selected vehicle will be clearly identified with the UZURV logo.

UZURV drivers pass a Federal Transit Administration drug test, are subject to random drug and alcohol testing, and undergo an extensive background check.


To be eligible for participation in the UZURV pilot program, customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Able to travel independently (may not be suitable for persons with intellectual or memory deficits).
  • At this time wheelchairs, scooters, or non-collapsible walkers CANNOT be accommodated.
  • Customers must have a smartphone with text capability.

Program Benefits

UZURV is an option to help ease the stress that day-to-day variables like traffic, vehicle breakdowns, and construction may cause on routes and provide an added mobility option for paratransit customers. Paratransit staff will identify eligible paratransit rides to be provided by UZURV.

No Show / Cancellation Policy

To cancel a scheduled trip, call RTC Paratransit Customer Care at (702) 228-4800 or (702) 676- 1834 (TDD). A “no show” occurs when a customer does not board the vehicle within five (5) minutes of the vehicle’s arrival or when a customer cancels a ride within the 30-minute ready window. Each no show is counted as one (1) penalty point. A “late cancellation” occurs when a customer cancels a trip less than two (2) hours before the start of the 30-minute ready window. Each late cancellation is counted as half (1/2) of a penalty point. In any 30-day period, any customer who has “no showed” or “late cancelled” at least 10% of those trips will receive a suspension notice. A trip cancelled in accordance with our policy (i.e. more than two hours before the start of the pick-up window) will not be counted in the total number of trips booked and the client will not receive penalty points.

Opt-in to UZURV

Customers interested in opting in to UZURV may fill out the form below.

UZURV Registration

Please acknowledge the requirements below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the driver wait for the passenger before leaving?2022-09-27T10:26:06-07:00

Passengers should be ready to depart at any time during their scheduled pick-up window and be available for travel when the vehicle arrives. Drivers are instructed to wait five (5) minutes after their arrival and will not leave before. If the driver arrives early, the driver will wait until your pick-up window begins and then give you five (5) minutes to board.

If you are unable to board the vehicle within five (5) minutes of the vehicle’s arrival the driver will leave to stay on schedule. Your trip will be marked a no show. However, the driver will not mark you as a no show prior to the pick-up window.

Does UZURV provide door-to-door service?2022-09-27T10:44:42-07:00

RTC ADA Paratransit Services provides door-to-door service. The driver will come to your residential door, but will not enter into lobbies of apartments, professional buildings, retail establishments or commercial properties to let you know the vehicle arrived. 

To best serve you, it is necessary for you to wait for the vehicle at the designated stop. In many cases, you will be advised during your reservation of the appropriate location to wait for the vehicle.

When picking up or dropping off on private property, there are often limited designated areas where a driver is permitted to stop. Please watch for the vehicle. There are some locations and/or situations where the driver cannot leave the vehicle.

How will I know if my trip is moved to UZURV?2022-09-27T19:05:21-07:00

You will first receive a text message from the RTC advising that your trip has been moved. You will receive a second text message from UZURV with the details of your trip, vehicle, and driver.

What is the carry-on bag policy?2022-09-27T19:07:03-07:00

Customers are permitted to carry on only the number of bags that they are able to manage independently without the assistance of the driver.

How will I know it is the correct vehicle?2022-09-22T16:38:11-07:00

The UZURV vehicle will have a window sticker with a UZURV logo on the passenger side of the front windshield.

Will passengers be able to provide feedback on their UZURV driver?2022-09-27T19:07:56-07:00

Passengers can contact RTC ADA Paratransit Services at (702) 228-4800, option 7, seven (7) days a week, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. to leave driver feedback. They may also send feedback online or at [email protected].

Can passengers travel on UZURV with pets and/or service animals?2022-09-27T19:08:47-07:00

Only service animals may travel on UZURV vehicles. Passengers are responsible for maintaining control of their service animals and they must be in good health. Ill or deceased animals cannot be transported. 

Will passengers be presented with the option to tip UZURV drivers as with Uber and Lyft?2022-09-27T19:09:46-07:00

UZURV drivers should not ask for and are not expected to accept any type of gratuity. 

Who should a passenger call if a driver does not show up?2022-09-27T19:12:08-07:00

Passengers should contact Inquiry/Same-Day Cancellation at (702) 228-4800 option 3 or (702) 676-1834 (TDD), seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day to receive a status on their trip or for same-day trip cancellations.

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