Securement Assistance for Everyone Program (S.A.F.E.)

The (S.A.F.E.) program is a free and voluntary service designed to provide better securement for people using mobility devices to access public transportation.

The program is meant to ensure that mobility devices are secured properly and in the safest place to minimize the risk of injury and damage. A mobility specialist will install securement straps on the mobility device, where they will be used to secure the device during transit rides. The vehicle operator will attach the vehicle’s securement hooks to the straps on the mobility device and the securement will be tightened.

Am I eligible for the program?

There is no application to complete and the only eligibility requirement is that you own a mobility device. You will be asked to sign a liability release form before installation. Installation will take approximately 15 minutes.

What are the benefits of the (S.A.F.E) program?

The program offers a convenient, hassle-free way for vehicle operators to secure your mobility device in transit vehicles. Properly securing mobility devices saves time and takes the guesswork out of the securement process. It also reduces the risk of injuries and damages caused by improperly securing mobility devices.

Who will install the securement straps?

A qualified mobility specialist from the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) or an RTC contracted employee will install straps and/or high visibility tape on the most appropriate places to secure your mobility device. The straps and tape require no permanent alterations and can be easily removed. They can also be left in place and will not interfere with the operation of your mobility device. The straps and tape help the vehicle operator to secure your mobility device, quickly and easily.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Contact a Mobility Specialist at (702) 676-1767 to schedule an appointment. You may also attend one of our community outreach presentations. Please be prepared to complete a liability release form and have a picture taken of your mobility device once installation is complete.