Veteran Transportation Services

Veterans Medical Transportation Network for Senior & Disabled Veterans (VMTN)

The Veterans Medical Transportation Network for Senior & Disabled Veterans (VMTN) provides effective and efficient transportation for veterans and their dependents to and from medical appointments, such as at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clinics, primary care physicians and the Veterans Medical Center.

If you are eligible to receive treatment through the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VASNHS) (, then you are eligible for VMTN. You and your dependents must have a valid ID card when registering for the program and when boarding vehicles. Valid ID cards include: Veterans Affairs ID, Military ID (DD 214), Military Dependent ID (DD1173), and VA Healthcard. 

Veterans and their caregivers, along with qualified dependents, can use the service for any medical appointment in the VMTN service area. The network provides transportation to:

  • VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (medical center) – 6900 N. Pecos Road
  • Northwest Primary Care Clinic – 3968 N. Rancho Drive
  • Southwest Primary Care Clinic – 7235 Buffalo Drive
  • Southeast Primary Care Clinic – 1020 S. Boulder Highway
  • Northeast Primary Care Clinic – 4445 E. Charleston Blvd.
  • Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital – 4700 N. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Nellis Air Force Base at designated drop-off and pick-up areas only*

*When scheduling your reservation, please ask the representative where you may be dropped off at Nellis Air Force Base.

Since Veterans and Department of Defense medical facilities may not provide for all medical needs, transportation is also available to other medical facilities including doctor’s offices, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, as approved by the VA. 

Please note: VMTN transportation services are intended for medical use only.  Unauthorized use of VMTN transportation services can result in a suspension of service.  RTC staff reserves the right to make the final determination regarding what qualifies as a valid medical use of this service.

Registration and Information

You and qualifying dependents will be required to submit a copy of your military ID & driver’s license at the time of registration.  Documents can be uploaded on the online registration page, or copies may be mailed to the address below.

Register online. You can also learn more about VMTN by calling (702) 678-VETS (8387) or (702) 676-1834 (TDD). Or, write to:

RTC Specialized Services
600.S. Grand Central Pkwy.Ste.350
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Attn: VMTN Customer Service

Print out and read the VMTN guide for even more information.
Veterans Medical Transportation Network Rider’s Guide (PDF)

Request Transportation
Registered clients can request a trip online between 1 and 14 days in advance.

Hospital Transit Service Map


***PLEASE NOTE: The above map has been simplified to show only the routes that directly service hospitals and VA clinics.  For best results with route planning, please use Google Transit trip planning tool.

Veterans Reduced Fare Program

Local U.S. Armed Forces veterans residing in Clark County have the opportunity to purchase discounted fixed route transit passes and save 50%.

  Single Ride 2-Hour 24-Hour 15-Day 30-Day
Full Fare $2 $3 $5 $34 $65
Reduced Fare $1 $1.50 $2.50 $17 $32.50

Upon providing proof of eligibility, veterans who live in Clark County are eligible to receive a RTC Veterans ID card that allows them to purchase reduced fare (50% discount) on all fixed route fares. The Veterans ID card is issued at the RTC Bonneville Transit Center (BTC), 101 E. Bonneville Ave., in downtown Las Vegas and can be shown when purchasing reduced fare transit passes and swiped through the fare box when boarding.

Veterans Reduced Fare Program Proof of Eligibility Criteria:

  • Veterans ID Card from the Veterans Administration (VA)
  • or DC Papers (DD214)
  • or Military Retiree ID Card (if applicable)
  • and Valid Nevada ID

Downtown & Veterans Medical Center Express (DVX)

The Downtown & Veterans Medical Center Express (DVX) fixed route provides an alternative transportation service when traveling to the Veterans Medical Center. The DVX service is subject to fixed route fares.

Please note that the RTC website uses Google Transit to plan transit trips. Google Transit may indicate that there is additional walking time after arriving at the Veterans Medical Center; however, this is not accurate. The DVX arrives on site at the Veterans Medical Center northeast entrance.

Other Veterans Services Available

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Title VI Policy Statement

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states:
“No person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

The RTC and its partners and grantees are committed to complying with the requirements of Title VI in all of its federally funded programs and activities.

Making a Title VI Complaint
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RTC – Safety and Security
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Title VI Procedures
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