Veterans Reduced Fare Program

In response to the overwhelming number of veterans in Southern Nevada, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) has launched a Veterans Reduced Fare Program to meet the public transit needs of our veterans.

Veterans Reduced Fare Program Details

Eligibility Requirement: All Eligible local US Armed Forces veterans (Local veterans residing in Clark County with valid Nevada ID)
Reduced Fare Amount: 50% off full-fare pricing structure

Single Ride 2-Hour 24-Hour 15-Day 30-Day
Full Fare $2 $3 $5 $34 $65
Reduced Fare $1 $1.50 $2.50 $17 $32.50

Upon providing proof of eligibility, local veterans will be issued a RTC Veterans ID card that will allow them to purchase reduced fare on all fixed route fare types. The Veterans ID card can be issued at the RTC Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) and can be shown when purchasing reduced fare transit passes and swiped through the farebox when boarding.

New Tap Card Process

There’s a change in the boarding process for RTC customers who use their RTC-issued Veterans I.D. to ride fixed route.  Effective March 4, 2019, customers with Veterans photo I.D. cards will be required to tap their card on the electronic validator, which is located on the pole right inside the front door of the bus.

This means, there are now three steps customer who use their RTC-issued Veterans I.D. must follow when boarding.  First, show the transit operator the RTC-issued I.D. card to prove eligibility for the reduced fare rate.  Second, swipe the pass to pay fare or insert money in to the farebox. Third, tap the RTC-issued I.D. card on the electronic validator.

For customers that have their I.D. card linked to their account on the rideRTC app, bypass the step of showing the transit operator  the I.D.  Instead, just scan your phone on the validator to pay the fare and quality for the reduced fare rate.

If anyone has additional questions about the process, call our Customer Service team at 702-228-7433 between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekends.

Veterans Reduce Fare Program Proof of Eligibility Criteria:

  • Veterans ID Card from the Veterans Administration (VA)
  • or DC Papers (DD214)
  • or Military Retiree ID Card (if applicable)
  • and Valid Nevada ID i.e. Nevada Driver’s License or state issued ID card

For more information please download our Veterans Reduce Fare Program Fact Sheet (PDF) or call customer service at 702-228-RIDE (7433).