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Regional Housing Inventory

Southern Nevada has been among the nation’s fastest-growing regions for the better part of the last three decades. This rapid rate of development brought prosperity and opportunity to many but also created challenges. Much of our development has occurred on the edges of the region, and most of these new homes offer limited access to employment hubs and public transit. Additionally, in recent years, housing development has failed to keep pace with our population gains, which has led to growing affordability concerns.

To ensure our region can meet the needs of a growing and changing population, we must maintain an adequate supply of housing with a range of price, density, ownership and building types.

This study will:

  • Use population and land use forecasts to estimate future needs for the region
  • Identify whether, based on forecasts, our region is expected to experience a shortage in needed housing units
  • Analyze how future housing shortages or surpluses may impact affordability
  • Assess how housing type preferences could impact future demand

What does the SNS Regional Plan Say About This Issue?

The Southern Nevada Strong Regional Plan has a clear vision for housing in our region. To encourage an adequate supply of housing with a range of price, density, ownership and building types, the Regional Plan recommends:

Building Icon

Diversifying the types of housing offered in the region to meet the needs of local talent and workers in future industry sectors.

Affordable Housing

Developing more low-income and workforce housing in neighborhoods across the region.

Mixed Use

Working with developers to encourage new mixed-income development nearby public transit, employment centers and key public amenities.

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