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Coordinated Transportation Plan

The Southern Nevada Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Plan (Coordinated Transportation Plan) hopes to help our region understand and solve the different transportation problems that older adults, people with low incomes, and people with different abilities experience. We seek to do this collaboratively, by bringing together social service providers, transportation agencies, and other people who work hard to overcome obstacles.

The 2024 update of the Southern Nevada Coordinated Transportation Plan takes another look at the plan developed in 2020 to consider:

  1. What transportation programs are available to help people get around more easily?
  2. How has our region changed and what does it mean for the people who are the focus of this plan?
  3. Which ideas discussed in 2020 can be worked on over the next four years to give people solutions?

See the Executive Summary of the 2024 update below:
Executive Summary

For questions or comments, contact:
miguel dávila uzcátegui
Senior Regional Planner
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: 702-676-1851

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