Pedestrian Comfort Study and Demonstration Projects

The Pedestrian Comfort Study and Demonstration Projects is a study led by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) to identify innovative strategies to address the challenges of the pedestrian environment in the Las Vegas Valley. A Technical Advisory Committee comprised of local jurisdiction staff and agencies working on pedestrian interests will guide the direction of the study.

The Study will identify innovative strategies to address the challenges of the pedestrian environment in the Las Vegas Valley. There are many challenges faced by pedestrians attempting to navigate roadways, cross at intersections, or access the transit system.  The study will assess public perceptions of pedestrian safety and comfort through a bilingual survey and focus groups as well as a review of previous studies.  Case studies will be documented to show successful, innovative approaches to improving the pedestrian experience.

The team will develop a concept, implement, and evaluate temporary, low-cost demonstration projects to understand their potential success. A toolbox of treatments to increase comfort and safety will be identified as well as strategies to encourage people to walk.  The study will result in the creation of a final report documenting innovative strategies, field tested demonstration projects, case studies, and conceptual designs all tailored to the local environment and supported by local jurisdictions and implementing agencies.

Demonstration Sites:

Based on prior public feedback, five demonstration sites were selected throughout Southern Nevada to develop, implement, and evaluate innovative ideas for enhancing pedestrian comfort. Each of the five temporary, low-cost demonstration sites implemented unique interventions, designed to test specific roadway design changes at each intersection.

The temporary improvements included high-visibility crosswalks, shade structures, curb extensions, buffers and pedestrian refuge islands. Community members were invited to visit the sites, interact with the new designs, and evaluate their level of comfort via an online survey.

  • Boulder City Nevada Way, Ash Street, and Wyoming Street
  • Clark County (unincorporated) – Cambridge Street and Katie Avenue
  • Las Vegas Washington Avenue and J Street 
  • Mesquite Woodbury Lane and Burns Lane
  • North Las Vegas El Campo Grande Avenue and Lawrence Street

Temporary Design Example

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Andrew Kjellman, AICP
Planning Manager