Clark County Parking Study

Clark County Parking Study

This two-phased study evaluates how closely parking requirements mandated by Clark County align with actual parking demand. The overall goal of the study is to right-size parking requirements and reduce unnecessary parking spaces.

Reducing unnecessary parking spaces can have many positive impacts including:

  • Increased economic development potential by encouraging redevelopment;
  • Reduced sprawl and more compact urban design;
  • Increased use of alternative modes of transportation; and
  • Improved air and water quality.

The two-phases of the study examined parking supply and demand through field surveys of 30 non-residential sites in unincorporated Clark County. Survey results revealed that parking rates are high, resulting in excessive parking supply.  For example, resorts along Las Vegas Boulevard only utilized 50% of their parking supply – a finding that helped inform the Transportation Investment Business Plan. Additionally, developers sometimes build parking in excess of Code minimums, resulting in even greater excess parking supply.

Phase 1 of the study concluded that a change in the Clark County parking code is warranted. The current Phase 2 is determining the details of Code changes through further research of peer regions and outreach to stakeholders and the public.

Parking Study

The Phase 1 study won an award at the 2015 conference of the Nevada Chapter of the American Planning Association.