Planning Studies & Reports

Before transportation projects are suggested for funding and implementation, the RTC and its partners from various jurisdictional agencies look at the regional priorities of the transportation system.  Regional priorities include:

  • Supporting the economic vitality of Southern Nevada,
  • Increasing the safety and security of the transportation system,
  • Increasing the accessibility and mobility of transportation options,
  • Protecting the immediate environment surrounding the transportation system,
  • Integrating all transportation modes, and
  • Preserving the existing transportation system.

Based on the assessment of regional needs, the RTC conducts planning studies to determine the best options for roadway improvements or the appropriate data sets for predicting future traffic scenarios.

Below is a list of current and recently completed planning studies for Southern Nevada.  The complete listing of these studies are featured in the Unified Planning Work Program. The current UPWP covers Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

Current Studies

Completed Studies

Archived Studies & Reports

 Planning Document Draft

Congestion Management Process 2018