2017-2040 Regional Transportation Plan

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Southern Nevada is home to more than 2 million residents and hosts more than 42 million visitors each year. The region continues to experience rapid growth in population and tourism that can strain the region’s transportation system and make travel for residents and visitors more difficult.

ACCESS2040 provides the guide for maintaining and improving Southern Nevada’s transportation system and identifies the main strategies that local transportation agencies will follow to ensure that Southern Nevadans and the regional economy can thrive as growth continues.

ACCESS2040 is the primary vehicle through which the RTC’s continuous, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process is implemented. Inputs to ACCESS2040 came from a large number of sources, including the RTC’s Transportation Vision Survey, priorities expressed by the RTC’s Boards and Committees, Federal and state planning requirements, current regional practices, and best practices from professional transportation planning.



The current Access 2040 Regional Transportation Plan does not include proposed Fuel Revenue Indexing (FRI) projects that will be funded locally, per the ballot initiative that passed on Nov. 8. You will have another opportunity in summer 2017 to provide feedback on an amended plan that will include projects identified on the FRI project list.

ACCESS 2040 Vision

access-2040-visionThe transportation system of Southern Nevada will enhance and balance our defining regional characteristics:

  • Strong and Vibrant Economy,
  • Diverse and Welcoming Quality of Life, and
  • Valuable Natural and Infrastructure Resources.

Plan & Appendix


RTP/TIP Amendment Information

RTP Amendment Clark 19-12 Ozone Determination Report

RTP Amendment Clark 19-12 – Adopted June 13, 2019

RTP Amendment 19-03 Adopted January 10, 2019

RTP Amendment 18-06 — Adopted January 11, 2018



Comments can be submitted via e-mail to access2040@rtcsnv.com; telephone at (702) 676-1749; TDD at (702) 676-1834; fax at (702) 676-1589; online comment form below; and in person or mail: RTC, 600 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nev. 89106.

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