Regional Transportation Plan

As the federally-designated transportation planning agency for Southern Nevada, RTC develops the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) to guide the region’s future multimodal transportation system.  The current 2013-2035 RTP was adopted in 2012, and the RTC is in the process of preparing a new 2040 RTP anticipated for completion in late 2016. 

The new 2040 RTP is a 20-year transportation action plan for Southern Nevada.  By the year 2040, the region is expected to grow by roughly 700,000 people and support nearly three million residents.  All of these new people and new jobs are expected to boost demand for travel within and through the region.

RTP 2040 identifies investments to support our expected growth and improve the service transportation provides to people and businesses.  It lays out a funding plan and proposes a strategy for reducing transportation’s contribution to climate change and its impact on important regional concerns such as safety, congestion, sprawl, health, environmental justice, and the mobility needs of people of all ages, incomes, and abilities.

The RTP is a federal requirement and must identify major roadway capacity and transit projects to be implemented over the next 20 years.  The RTP is fiscally constrained, meaning revenues must be reasonably expected to fund construction of these major projects, as well as to maintain and operate the transportation system.  Future revenues are also reserved for transit service, bicycle, pedestrian, and other types of projects.  The RTC must also demonstrate that transportation projects in Southern Nevada will not cause a violation of federal air quality conformity standards.

Gathering Your Vision

The RTC’s first step for developing the Regional Transportation Plan is to gather the public’s vision for the Las Vegas Valley’s transportation future. Please take a few minutes to contribute your input on our future transportation needs.

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